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Center for Teaching Excellence

Diversity in the classroom

Diversity and Inclusivity

How do you best reach all of your students, whatever their background or experiences? How do you create a classroom environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all? We have several workshops and events this semester to help.

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June 2019

Come develop a deeper understanding of inclusive excellence and why it is central not only to how we prepare students to lead, but also to how we engage all members of our USC community. Learn about the ways in which the Office of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to operationalize inclusive excellence, as well as how we intend to use our equity and inclusion strategy to track the University's effectiveness in four primary areas: compositional diversity, achievement, engagement and inclusion.  Register

In our online and face-to-face learning environments, we post documents and presentations for our students to view. When we post these documents, we should ask ourselves the following questions: Are our course materials accessible to ALL possible students who may access my course? Is the structure of our documents inclusive to a wide range of students with varying abilities? In this hands-on session, you will create an accessible and inclusive Word document and PowerPoint presentation. Strategies for designing accessible and inclusive documents and presentations will also be discussed.  Register

This session will provide an overview of best practices for creating an online lecture with closed captioning to meet course accessibility needs. The presenters will first discuss online lecture recording options on campus, including the Office of Distributed Learning’s course production studios that are available to faculty and instructors. Next, they will present best practices to create an effective and engaging lecture video. Then, the presenters will direct participants to and demonstrate the resources available for creating closed captioning for lecture and other videos to ensure the content is accessible to all students.  Register