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Undergraduate Policies

Find links to a variety of the university’s policies and regulations that apply to undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Computing.

Where to find policies:

Policies applicable to CEC students are housed in numerous administrative offices across the university. We've gathered some of the most-used policies in the searchable table below.

Browse policies from these sources:

  • Academic Bulletin: University polices affecting both undergraduate and graduate students
    • CEC Policies: The Undergraduate Bulletin’s section for the College of Engineering and Computing
    • Undergrad Policies: Helpful information for all undergraduate students at USC
  • University Registrar: Student academic records and policies related to registration, academic progress and graduation
  • Bursar's Office: Tuition and fee billing, payment options and deadlines
  • Provost's Office: Contains the university’s Policies and Procedures Manual with 300+ searchable policies for students, faculty and staff
  • CEC Curricula and Courses: Determine the classes you need to graduate based on your major and catalog year

Search for a topic or policy:

Topic/Policy USC Site Note Keywords
(hidden column)
Accelerated Graduate Degrees Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy  masters, master’s, certificate, PhD, Ph.D, doctoral, dual
Cooperative Education Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy Co-op, work, career
General Education Requirements Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy carolina, core
Program GPA Requirement Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy grade, progression, major, probation, suspension, expulsion, graduation 
Repetition of Coursework Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy Grade, progression, major, probation, suspension, expulsion, graduation, repeat
Second Baccalaureate Degree Undergraduate Bulletin CEC Policy  double major
Academic Assessment Policy Undergraduate Bulletin    SACS
Academic Calendar Policies Undergraduate Bulletin   schedule, holidays, 
Academic Forgiveness Policy Undergraduate Bulletin    grade
Academic Honors Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    Gpa, graduation
Academic Standards Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    Probation, suspension, expulsion, graduation
Advisement Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    advisor, advising
Attendance Policy Undergraduate Bulletin    
Bulletin Rights and Exclusions Undergraduate Bulletin   catalog year
Course and Academic Credit Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    Level, graduate, challenge, exam
Degree Conferral and Graduation Policies Undergraduate Bulletin   commencement, double major
Examination Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    finals, test, quiz
Grading Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    Pass, fail, letter, GPA, grade forgiveness
Notification of Student Rights under FERPA Undergraduate Bulletin   privacy, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Records, Transcript, and Enrollment Certification Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    registrar
Registration Policies Undergraduate Bulletin    registrar
Fees and Refunds Academic Bulletin   cost, finance, bursar
Financial Aid and Scholarships Academic Bulletin   cost
Academic Calendars Registrar   schedule, spring, fall, winter, winter, break, holiday, class, term
Final Exams Schedule Registrar   calendar
Registrar Forms Registrar   Tuition, accelerated, financial, audit, dependence, independence, citizenship, income, diploma, employment, ferpa, grade, forgiveness, name change, pass, fail, registration, exception, transient, transfer, diploma, commencement, early walk
Graduation and Commencement Registrar    
Registration Registrar   Register, class, semester
Residency and Citizenship Registrar   international, foreign
Transcripts and Records Registrar    Diploma, degree, enrollment, verification, replacement
Transfer Credits Registrar    transient
Veterans' Services Registrar    VA, benefits, military
Administrative Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Application and Admission Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Carolina Card Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Engineering and Computing Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost, program, lab
Exam Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost, clep, challenge
International Student Fees Bursar's Office   finance, foreign, cost
Required Fees and Tuition Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Special Enrollment Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Study Abroad Fees Bursar's Office   finance, cost
Academic Grievance Policy USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 6.30 contest, cost, appeal
Academic Responsibility - The Honor Code USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 6.25 creed, cheating, cost, appeal
Advisors for Student Organizations USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 3.01  club
Eligibility for University Health Services USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 7.01  
Eligibility to Use Services of the Career Center USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 8.11  job, employ
Financial Aid Bulletin USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 9.25 scholarships
Fundraising by Student Organizations USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 3.22  
Student Grievance Policy: Non-Academic USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 6.27  
Student Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 6.24 diversity
Student Organizations USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 3.10  club
Use of University Facilities USC Policies and Procedures Manual STAF 3.25 buildings, space, reservation, room, scheduling


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