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Palmetto Forum

The Palmetto Forum is a renowned, monthly luncheon series hosting distinguished speakers on contemporary international issues to stimulate discussion within the university and local professional communities.

Spring 2021 Lectures

Michel Gerbtzoff

April 7th - Michel Gerebtzoff, Belgian Consul General to the United States in Atlanta

Wednesay - April 7th 12:30 --- 1:30pm

Topic:  TBD

ali Demirdas

March 3rd - Ali Demirdas, Contributor to National Interest and several other new media  

Wednesday - March 3rd - 12:30 --- 1:30pm

“Understanding the Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Greece and Turkey are currently engaged in a dispute over territorial waters that threatens to engulf the region, due to the fact that Greece is a member of the EU, both are members of NATO, and other countries in the region have overlapping commits as well.  Dr. Demirdas will unpack the issues and assess the possibility for the tensions to lead to conflict.
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Christopher Ballard

February 3rd Major General Christopher Ballard, U.S. Army Retired  

Wednesay - February 3rd - 12:30 --- 1:30pm

US Intelligence in the Information Age: Are we prepared for the next fight?

Observations on current national security challenges rising from accelerating cyber technology advancements in the Information Age—particularly as they affect the US Intelligence Community


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