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Walker Institute of International and Area Studies

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Students in any major benefit enormously from internships, which are short-term work experiences with an employer in their prospective career field. During an internship, students gain insights into the type of work and the expectations for professional behavior in their field. Many employers and graduate schools cite internship experiences as a preferred qualification. In fact, about 85% employers prefer internships as a means for identifying and recruiting new permanent hires. Internships may be paid or not and students may enroll in internships for course credit or not. Our degrees in CYBR and GLST prepare students for many different career paths after graduation. Students are encouraged to use campus services and mentoring from the Walker Institute to identify opportunities that may be right for them.

Students who want to enroll for internship credit under CYBR 498, CYBR 499, or GLST 490 must first contact the Walker Institute’s advisor before they begin the internships. Approval by the Institute’s director is required before enrolling.


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