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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the end of the Summer II semester (Aug 1). Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Department of Sociology

Graduate Students


Jered Abernathy


Research Interests: Trust, Cooperation, and Leadership

Current Research Projects: Building Trust among Politically Different Americans


Valerie Barron


Research Interests: Experimental Social Psychology, Social Networks, Identity, Emotions, Enequality, and Science/Technology.


Zackery Butler


Research Interests: Social Demography, Public Policy, Historical Sociology

Current Research Projects: The Decline in U.S. Men's Fertility Intentions; The Second Demographic Transition for Young Women in Latin America; Implementation of Minimum Age of Marriage Laws Around the World

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Adrianne Dues


Research Interests: Population Health, Health Inequities, Psychosocial Mechanisms, Race/Ethnicity/Immigration, and Quantitative Methods

Current Research Projects: ASPIRE II, Transforming University of South Carolina into a National Leader in Health, Inequalities, and Population Research


Matthew Facciani


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Identity, Sociology of Emotions, Political Sociology, Social Networks

Current Research Projects: My dissertation studies how self-evaluations and social networks impact the processing of political information. I am also working on developing a visual vignette for cross national research.

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Calley Fisk


Research Interests: Population Health, Race/Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods

Current Research Projects: The Impacts of State-Level Public Policies on Racial Health Inequities; Links Between County-Level School Quality and Population Health; The Relationship Between Socially-Assigned Race and Well-Being Among U.S. Hispanics


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Kelsey Griffin


Research Interests: Inequalities and Stratification, Quantitative Methods, & Crime and Deviance

Current Research Projects: Child Neglect and Emotional Maltreatment in South Carolina



Nick Harder


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Social Networks, Group Processes, Status

Nick Heiserman

Nicholas Heiserman

Research Interests: Social Psychology, Group Processes, Economic Inequality, Gender, Discrimination

Current Research Projects: Complex Stereotyping: Stereotypes at the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, Age, Race, and Class


Nik Lampe

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, LGBTQIAP Studies, Sex and Gender, Sexualities, Aging and the Life Course, Methodology, Sociology of Religion

Current Research Projects: Understanding the Healthcare Experiences of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Young Adults; Making Sense of the Healthy Embodiment after Realization of Intersex Status; Am I Trans Enough?: Negotiating Trans Identity While Interviewing Trans People; Transgender and Intersex Aging Health; Social Memory, Mass Homicide, and the Pulse Massacre


Victoria Money

Research Interests: Social networks, Information Diffusion, Health, Social Media Analysis, and Identity.

Current Research Projects: Thou Shalt Lie: Managing Anticipatory Deflection with Deception; Reddit vs Twitter: The Underlying Nature of Social Media and How it Shapes the Characteristics of DDEO; Secrets, Lies, and Social Network Analysis

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Joseph Padgett


Research Interests: Sexual Behavior, Person Perception, Social Power, Social Psychology

Current Research Projects: Impacts of Power and Relationship Status on Partner Perceptions


Justina Rieger


Research Interests: Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health

Current Research Projects: LGBT Mental Health


David Warden


Research Interests: Education, Leadership, Prejudice, Aggression, Family

Current Research Projects: Sense of Group Position and Racial Prejudice; Maternal Education and Children's Outcomes; Turnover among Nurse Leaders


Jingwen Zhong


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Social Networks

Current Research Projects: A Permutation Test for Ecological Competition; Social Influence Network Model of Performance Expectations4

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