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Department of Sociology

  • The Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.


Studying sociology gives you research, communication, and analytical skills you need to succeed in today's marketplace. Our graduates have gone into careers in education, law, social work, human resources, counseling and health-related professions. 

Our department offers many opportunities for you to go above and beyond your course requirements. 


Distinction in Sociology 

To graduate with Distinction in Sociology, you must have at least a 3.5 grade point average in sociology and non-sociology courses and complete a research project. 

Research Project Requirements

You're required to plan and conduct your own research project. You'll need to defend your proposal and final paper to your committee. 

Forming a Committee

You need to choose one faculty member to chair your committee. This person will guide and evaluate your work throughout the two semesters it typically takes to complete the project. Once you choose your chair, the two of you will consult with each other to select the other three members of your committee. At the end of your research project, you'll present to these faculty members and they'll need to reach consensus in order for you to pass. 


Awards and Fellowships

We understand how hard our students work. That's why we recognize it by offering several awards and fellowships you can earn throughout your time here.



We offer both a Bachelor of the Arts and a Bachelor of Science in addition to our minor program. 

Undergraduate Bulletin

Looking for more specific information, like what classes you'll need to take to graduate, learning outcomes, and which classes we offer? The academic bulletin is the university's official document of record concerning undergraduate-level academic programs and regulations. 


After Graduation 

A degree in sociology opens many doors for you after graduation. Our students have pursued opportunities in everything from health professions to population studies. 

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