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Baruch Institute

Faculty & Staff Directory

Below is a list of the Faculty and Staff that are associated with the Baruch Institute, either at the Marine Lab or on the Main Campus.  

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Allen, Dennis Distinguished Professor Emeritus 843-904-9025
Staff Allen, Wendy Research Affiliate 843-904-9025
Staff Blakely, Jan Administrative Specialist 843-904-9023
Staff Britton, Julia Data Analyst, CDMO 843-904-9002
Staff Buck, Tracy CDMO Data Specialist 843-904-9027
Staff Cothran, Jeremy Systems Programmer II 803-777-4469
Staff Diana, Aguilera CDMO Administrative Assistant 843-359-9738
Staff Dunn, Robert Research Assistant Professor Research Coordinator at the North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve 843-904-9026 Marine Ecology, Fisheries & Conservation Ecology, Mathematical Modeling, Baruch, coastal
Staff Folk, Brooks Web Developer, CDMO 843-904-9005
Staff Fournier, Hayley Education Specialist, North Inlet - Winyah Bay NERR 843-904-9017
Staff Gary, Sam Operations and Safety Coordinator
Staff Ide, Melissa Data Center Manager, CDMO 843-904-9003
Staff Jefferson, Jeff IT Specialist 803-528-9824
Staff Karim, Alizad Research Assistant Professor 803-777-3292
Staff Keesee, Jennifer Data Technician, CDMO 843-904-9004
Staff Kenny, Paul Research Affiliate 843-520-6600
Staff Kimball, Matthew E. Assistant Director, Marine Field Laboratory Assistant Research Professor 843-904-9030
Staff Knowles, Amber Water Quality Data Analyst, SDBO 843-904-9020
Staff Krask, Julie NERR Nutrient Research Specialist 843-904-9029
Staff Mensinger, Michael CDMO Programmer 302-739-6377
Staff Morris, James Distinguished Professor 803-777-3948
Staff Morse, Brittany Research Specialist I
Staff Pallon, Tom Facilities Manager 843-904-9032 Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
Staff Pfirrmann, Bruce Research Resource Specialist 843-904-9028
Staff Plunket, Jennifer Stewardship Coordinator, NERR 843-904-9033
Staff Porter, Dwayne Director, Geographic Processing Laboratory 803-777-4615
Staff Ramage, Dan Systems Programmer II 803-777-8814
Staff Shutt, Lee Programmer, CDMO 843-862-7176
Staff Smith, Erik Manager, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR Assistant Research Professor 843-904-9035
Staff Snyder, Maeve Coastal Training Program Coordinator 843-904-9034
Staff Stephens, J. Baker Research Technician, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR 843-904-9038
Staff Stines, Nick CDMO IT Specialist 843-446-5922
Staff Strosnider, William Interim Director 843-904-9031
Staff Sundberg, Karen Research Specialist III 843-904-9037
Staff Thomas, Beth Education Coordinator, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR 843-904-9016

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