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Baruch Institute

Multispectral Camera

A multispectral camera is available for use by researchers at the institute. 

The multispectral camera at BMFL was manufactured by Tetracam Inc. It is a model TTC1021- MINI MCA with six channels, each with a 9.6 mm lens.  Each of the six cameras is fitted with a different standard bandpass filter which allows different sets of visible or near infrared radiation to move through each camera’s lens to form separate images on the camera’s sensor. Those images are transferred to a memory card.   More information can be found on the Tetracam Website.
The PixelWrench2 image editing program includes tools specific to multi-spectral images.


Select the date to download the zip file.

2014-11-04 [ZIP]   Note:  Thermal and Spectrometer are also available for this date.

2015-02-06 [ZIP]   Note:  Thermal and Spectrometer are also available for this date.

2015-03-24 [ZIP]   Note:  Thermal is also available for this date.

2015-03-31 [ZIP]

2015-05-30 [ZIP]

2015-07-15 [ZIP]

2015-08-15 [ZIP]

2015-10-23 [ZIP]

2016-01-05 [ZIP]

2016-03-04 [ZIP]

2016-05-05 [ZIP]

2016-06-02 [ZIP]

2016-07-28 [ZIP]

2016-11-10 [ZIP]

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