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University History


Appendix 1: Commission Minutes


Appendix 2: University History Website Template


Appendix 3: Biographies of Proposed Names


Appendix 4: Columbia Campus Named Buildings


Appendix 5: Criteria for Selecting New Names


Appendix 6: Potential New Names


Appendix 7: University History Subcommittee Reports


Appendix 8: Communications and Education Subcommittee Reports and Notes


Appendix 9: Guidelines from Other Institutions


Appendix 10: Criteria for Removing Names


Appendix 11: Research Reports on Building Names


Appendix 12: Names on the Landscape Subcommittee Reports


Appendix 13: Public Input: Statement from Former Athletes


Appendix 14: Public Input: Statement from Black Faculty Caucus


Appendix 15: Public Input: Bettis Rainsford


Appendix 16: Public Input: Letter from Ward One Reunion Organization


Appendix 17: Article on “Free and Equal” App Produced by Walking Cinema and USC Beaufort


Appendix 18: Submitted Proposals

University History

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