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TRIO Programs

Upward Bound

This pre-college program, which serves more than 100 TRIO-eligible high school students in Richland County, provides access to academic support, after-school and weekend activities, a summer residential program and college placement services.

Applying for Upward Bound

Students accepted into the Upward Bound Program can access academic support, a residential summer program, college placement services and more.

Apply now [pdf]

Ready Your Academics for College

Upward Bound is a pre-college program that provides TRIO-eligible students with extensive academic support including weekend and evening activities, a six-week summer residential program and college-placement services. The  program helps students:

  • take advantage of high school educational opportunities
  • realize their potential
  • meet their academic and career goals


We serve students in eligible schools in Richland School District One. Requirements are based on family income and parents' education levels.

Participating High Schools

The following Richland County School District One high schools are a part of the Upward Bound program:

  • Columbia High School
  • Eau Claire High School
  • W. J. Keenan High School
  • Lower Richland High School 

Upward Bound Programs and Sessions

Students participate in sessions three times a month during the school year, and participate in a six-week residential program at the University of South Carolina in the summer. Tutors are available year-round to help strengthen students' skills in specific subject areas.

During the School Year

Upward Bound holds approximately three sessions each month during the academic year, which include:

  • Academic classes geared toward strengthening students' writing and
    analytical abilities.
  • Various college and community activities.
  • Cultural activities including plays, ballets and musicals.
  • College admissions counseling, including assistance with completing financial aid and college admissions applications.

Summer Residency Program 

During the summer, students who participated during the school year will be invited to live on the USC campus for six weeks and become involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • Academic enrichment classes.
  • Cultural enrichment classes such as theatre, music, pottery and web design.
  • University level course for seniors to help prepare them for the transition to college.
  • Work-study activities that introduce students to various professions.
  • Group activities to help strengthen team building and interpersonal skills.
Summer Handbook

Access the policies and procedures for the Upward Bound Summer Program.

2017 Student Handbook [pdf]
2017 Residence Counselor Handbook [pdf]


We're here for you.

If you have questions, we're happy to help. If you are a current UofSC student, call 803-777-5125 or visit our office at 1400 Wheat St. If you are a college-bound student currently attending middle or high school, call 803-777-5127 or visit our office at 1338 Pickens St.

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