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Postal Services

For Departments

We are happy to assist with the postal needs of departments at the University of South Carolina, but there are some limits to the services we may provide.

You can purchase U.S. Postal Service supplies and special service forms from us or from USPS. Please keep in mind that supplies, forms and labels printed from the U.S. Postal Service website are not acceptable for processing mail to be charged back to departmental accounts.


New Postal Authorization Form

The University of South Carolina Postal Service will be transitioning from the Legacy account numbers to PeopleSoft account numbers.  With this migration, the current Postal Authorization form will no longer be active with a target date of December 3, 2018.  Your department will have a new Postal Authorization form, with your department’s PeopleSoft accounting information.  Please discard any old forms after December 3, 2018. 

There will only be one (1) form for USPS (US Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service).

Please contact your department’s Business Manager for the new postal authorization form if you are responsible for your department’s mailing and shipping.  Instructions for the new forms will be delivered along with your department’s mail.


Mail Delivery

  • The USC Postal Service is responsible for delivering all official university business-related mail to departments daily.
  • USPS mail and parcels are received Monday through Friday, with the exception of university holidays.
  • Mail will be delivered by department locations in designated areas.


Proper Address Formating:

Inbound mail:

       Addressee Name (if required)*
       Department Name*
       Department Location*
       University of South Carolina*
       Columbia, SC 29208-0001*


Addressee Name *
Department Name *
Department Location *

 * Required for mailing

Mail Processing

  • All mail that is picked up for processing must have a signed Postal Authorization form.
  • USC Postal Services is responsible for affixing postage to all outbound USC official business mail and parcels sent via the USPS and UPS. The amount of postage affixed will be charged back to individual departments accordingly.
  • All mail picked up will go out daily.
  • International shipments weighing more than 13 oz. will require a USPS Customs Form.
  • UPS is recommended for parcels weighing over five lbs.

Outbound USC department mail for processing received at 1600 Hampton St. after 3 p.m. will be metered for the next business day.


Personal Mail

USC requires all faculty and staff members to receive personal mail and packages at home or at their permanent address. Personal mail interferes with the transfer of official correspondence between campus offices and delays the processing and delivery of university mail.

  • Any mail matter that isn't related to the University of South Carolina is considered personal.
  • The university address must not be used as your permanent address unless you live on campus.

USC policy also restricts using university resources to deliver personal mail and packages to university employees or departments. Official University Postal Services Policy BUSA 4.00 [pdf]