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Postal Services

Mailing & Shipping

We receive USPS first-class mail and parcels Monday through Friday mornings, and our route drivers deliver to departments once daily. 

Only official university mail will be processed in our mail facility for dispatch. Personal mail received for processing will be returned to the sender unless you are a student living on-campus whose mail is delivered to your assigned student mailbox. Official Campus Mail Solicitiation Policy [pdf]

The Student Mail Center is responsible for sorting and delivering mail to student boxes. If you are a student changing your place of residence, be sure to follow our mail forwarding guidelines.



University Housing and Greek Village Residents
  • U.S. Postal Service, UPS/FedEx/DHL/Amazon

Student's Name (first name, middle initial, last name)
1300 Wheat St.
USC Student Mail ID ______ (5 digit Mail ID #)
Columbia, SC 29225

  • USC Intra-Campus Mail 

Student's Name (no nicknames)
Mail ID # ______ (5 digit Mail ID #)

Proper formats:

       Inbound addressing:

       Addressee Name (if required)
       Department Name
       Department Location
       University of South Carolina
       Columbia, SC 29208-0001


       Intra-Campus addressing: 

       Addressee Name 
       Department Name (required)
       Department Location (required)



  • Scanned into the university's Postal Service internal package tracking system upon arrival
  • Labeled with an internal barcode
  • Students are notified via e-mail once mail/packages are ready for pickup
  • CarolinaCard is required upon delivery


Mail Fraud 

Protect yourself by disposing of all "junk mail" or unwanted mail in a safe manner. If you suspect that you are a victim of mail fraud, please contact the USPS Postal Inspector


  • Pickup mail/packages on a regular basis
  • Shred all mail that contains confidential information


  • Send someone else to pick up mail for you
  • Allow others to have mail addressed to your USC Mail ID number
  • Give personal information over the phone 

If you receive mail that you did not request:

  • Contact the company's customer service department to stop the mailings
  • Email the company, keeping a hard copy of your email and any responses for your records.

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