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Carolina Food Co.

Resident Mentor Plans

Resident Mentors receive a 10% discount on Residential All Access Meal Plan membership.

Discounted options for Resident Mentors


Residential All Access with $180 meal plan dollars

  • Cost to student with 10% discount: $1,791

Residential All Access with $315 meal plan dollars

  • Cost to student with 10% discount: $1,903.50


Membership Benefits

Residential All Access Meal Plans provide:

  • Unlimited dine-in access to all five residential restaurants. Visit our residential restaurants for a full all-you-care-to-eat meal or for a simple snack or beverage.  Residential restaurants include: 
  • Two meal swipes in select retail locations per day for meal exchange combos . Meal exchange allows for a meal swipe to be used outside of the residential restaurants for a full combo meal at locations like Chick-fil-A and Twisted Taco.
  • Meal Plan Dollars to supplement your residential all access and provide flexible spending for a la carte purchasesat campus dining locations.
  • One to-go meal from our residential restaurants per meal period
  • Free membership in to the sustainable to-go program

* Residential restaurants are open and available to all students regardless of where you live on or off campus.



  • Meal plan membership and pricing is a semesterly contract. Meal plan members will be auto-enrolled into the same meal plan in spring semester that they selected in fall semester with the option to make changes the first week and a half of classes.
  • Unused meal plan dollars from fall semester will roll over to spring semester if the meal plan holder is enrolled in a meal plan in spring semester. Unused meal plan dollars at the end of spring semester will expire.
  • Additional meal plan dollars can be added at any time by contacting the CarolinaCard Office at (803) 777-1708.
  • There is a 30-minute pause in between meal swipe usage in both the residential and retail restaurants to prevent guests from swiping for other people.
  • Meal Exchange combos in retail locations are limited to two per day. Access to residential restaurants is unlimited and not affected by the usage of meal exchange swipes in retail. 

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