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Meal Plans

Everything you need to know about your 2024 -2025 meal plan membership!  Whether you are a first year resident or continuing student living on campus or off, we have a meal plan option that can fit your unique needs.  

Find your Plan

First year residents will automatically have the All Access Plan with $250 Meal Plan Dollar PLUS Plan assigned to your account in July and January. To adjust to an alternate All Access Plan, please visit After the first day of classes, contact the Carolina Card Office at (803) 777-1708 for meal plan changes.

Continuing students will need to sign up for their Fall 2024 meal plan and will be reenrolled in that meal plan for Spring 2025 with the option to adjust or cancel the meal plan in spring semester. 



Meal Plan Details & Definitions

Key Dates for 2024 - 2025 Academic Year 

August 17: Meal Plans begin at lunch
August 30: Last day to downgrade or remove a meal plan
November 27 - November 30: Meal Plans deactivate for Thanksgiving Break
December 16: Meal Plans deactivate for the semester after lunch for Winter Break

January 10: Meal Plans begin at breakfast
January 24: Last day to downgrade or remove a meal plan
March 8 - March 15: Meal Plans deactivate for Spring Break
May 8: Meal Plans deactivate for the semester after lunch for Summer Break

Dining Halls

Six all-you-care-to-eat dining halls spread conveniently throughout campus, each with its own in-house chef.  All access meal plan members enjoy unlimited access to any of these dining halls. Meal plan holders will receive free access to our reusable to-go program in dining halls.

Retail Restaurants

Any dining location on campus that is not one of our dining halls including national brands, cafes, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

Meal Swipes

Dining Hall Swipes: One swipe gains access to all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. Students with All Access plans receive unlimited daily meal swipes in these locations.  Weekly and Block Meal Plans will have one meal deducted from their balance with each swipe.  Declining Balance Meal Plan holders will pay the dining hall door rate (Door Rates: Breakfast $10.60, Lunch/Dinner $14.80).  

Retail Swipes: Swipes have a value based on meal period, called Cash Equivalency. Guests can order up to that value with a meal swipe and cover any overages with Meal Plan Dollars, CarolinaCash, credit or debit. Cash Equivalency: Breakfast: $7.50, Lunch/Dinner/Late Night: $10.50.

Students with All Access PLUS Plans receive 7 swipes per week on a Thursday-Wednesday schedule. Unused meal swipes do not roll over to the next week or semester.  There is a 30-minute pause in between meal swipes to ensure meal plans are not being shared.

Meal Plan Dollars (MPD)

Meal Plan Dollars are included in the price of meal plans. Use them at any of our on-campus dining locations just like a debit card. Add more MPDs at any point in the semester through the GET app or Carolina Card office. MPDs not used during the fall will roll over to the spring semester with the purchase of a spring meal plan.

Managing Your Plan

View meal swipe and meal plan dollar balances on the GET app or visit the Carolina Card office in the basement of Russell House.

Meal plans are intended for individual use and may not be shared.

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