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South Carolina Honors College

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Your general application for admission, along with your Honors College application, will allow you to be considered for most general university scholarships awarded through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The South Carolina Honors College also offers a limited number of departmental scholarships for both incoming and current students.


General University Awards

The University of South Carolina offers freshmen a number of scholarships in addition to the Top Scholar awards. Many Honors College students are eligible for and receive these scholarships. The Honors application serves as the application to these scholarships. Visit the University of South Carolina Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information about scholarships for South Carolina state residents and nonresidents, as well as other scholarship resources.


South Carolina Honors College Departmental Scholarships

While General University Awards are available to all students through Financial Aid, there are additional scholarships available exclusively to students of the South Carolina Honors College. These departmental offerings include scholarships:


Frequently Asked Questions

How are Honors College Departmental Scholarships different than General University Awards?

By completing the UofSC admissions application and your Honors College supplement, you are automatically considered for scholarships through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Honors College Departmental Scholarships usually require a separate application, the details of which can be found in the description of each scholarship. Honors College Departmental Scholarships are available for both incoming and current students. If eligible, students may stack departmental scholarships with general university awards for which they qualify.

How do I apply for an Honors College Departmental Scholarship?

The Honors College now uses an online application form for available scholarships. The link will appear in scholarship descriptions for available scholarships during the application time period each spring.

What information will be required in the online application form for Honors College Departmental Scholarships?

The form will ask for your basic information such name, address, intended major, etc. In addition, you will have the opportunity to include a personal statement that can address why you should be considered for the scholarship, how you would benefit from the scholarship, and the academic work you have been and will continue to pursue. If applicable, a statement of need can be included.

Can I apply for multiple Honors College Departmental Scholarships?

Yes, you may apply for more than one scholarship, provided you meet the eligibility requirements for each, which may include a certain required major.

When are Honors College Departmental Scholarship applications due?

Scholarship applications have various deadlines during the spring semester. Please check specifics for each scholarship for details.

When will I hear back about receiving an Honors College Departmental Scholarship?

Scholarships for incoming freshmen will be awarded by April 15th. Scholarships for continuing Honors College students will be awarded in early summer.

Will I be notified if I have not been awarded the Honors College Departmental Scholarship that I applied for?

You will only be notified if you have been awarded a scholarship.

Why are some of the Honors College Departmental Scholarship not available this coming academic year?

Several of our scholarships can only support one or two students at a time. When the current recipient is eligible for additional years of support, the scholarship will be unavailable for new recipients.

Some of the Honors College Departmental Scholarships have very specific requirements. Why is this?

All of the departmental scholarships awarded by the Honors College have been funded through private philanthropy by generous alumni and donors. These benefactors are able to specify what type of student they would like to support. We are very grateful to these philanthropists for providing these scholarships for Honors College students.