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Check out Professor Mathew Brashears' feature in the College of Art's and Sciences' article on nuclear explosion

Professor Matthew Brashears shares his thoughts on the topic in article "How Sociology Prepares You For Nuclear Explosion."

Professor Jennifer Augustine will co-Edit the official journal of the Southern Sociological Society

Beginning January 1, 2022, Associate Professor Jennifer Augustine will co-edit Social Currents, the official journal of the South Sociological Society. Congratulations to Dr. Augustine on this wonderful achievement!

Professor Mathieu Deflem featured on WLTX news channel discussing mental challenges facing Olympic athletes

Professor Mathieu Deflem was featured as a local expert discussing the mental challenges facing Olympic athletes on WLTX television. Dr. Deflem has been researching celebrity activism on issues such as mental health and racial justice, especially since the pandemic.

Undergraduate student, Kevin Carson, awarded Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship form Alpha Lamba Delta

Kevin Carson, Sociology major and social movements scholar in the making, won the Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship from Alpha Lambda Delta, an honor society for students who achieved a high GPA during their first year in college. These funds are given for tuition reduction. Way to go, Kevin!

Check out professor Jaclyn Wong's quote in New York Times' piece

Assistant Professor Jaclyn Wong is quoted in the New York Times' piece, " The Lazy Person's Guide to Domestic Equality"

Professor Caroline Hartnett featured on the New Your Times' podcast "The Argument"

Associate Professor Caroline Hartnett shares her take on the falling birth rate in the U.S.

Kudos to Nicholas Heiserman

Nicholas Heiserman has a forthcoming paper to be published in Social Science Research called “Ideology Shapes How Workers Perceive and React to Workplace Discrimination: An Experimental Study on Parenthood Discrimination.”

Come Work with Us!

We would like you to join us! The Department will be hiring two faculty positions for next academic year. Please review the exciting openings we are currently offering!

Professor Andrea Henderson-Platt named McCausland Fellow

Associate Professor Andrea Henderson- Platt has been named a McCausland Fellow due to her excellence in teaching and research.

Professor Matthew Brashears elected as Chair-Elect for ASA's Social Psychology section

Professor Matthew Brashears has been elected Chair-Elect of the American Sociological Association Social Psychology section.

Student Nick Heiserman's paper published in Social Justice Research

PhD candidate Nick Heiserman's paper titled "Measuring Perceptions of Economic Inequality and Justice: An Empirical Assessment" has been published in Social Justice Research

Check out Professor Jaclyn Wong's latest research

Assistant Professor Jaclyn Wong's research featured in episode eight of Female Fallout Podcast.

Recent graduate Buffy Duncan's research published in Caravel

Kudos to Atticus Wolfe

Atticus Wolfe have been selected as a 2021 CHQ Scholar by South Carolina Smartstate Center for Health Care Quality

Kudos to Victoria Money

Victoria Money elected as Graduate Student Representative ASA's Mathematical Sociology Section

Professor awarded Carol Jones Carlisle Award from Women's and Gender Studies

Assistant Professor Jaclyn Wong received the Carol Jones Carlisle Award form WGST, which will fund a pilot study on whether informational support and a chore calendar tool can help young, different-gender couples more equally divide household labor.

Research helps Sociology major Logan Hickey realize her potential

Looking back on her time in college, Logan Hickey takes pride in proving herself wrong. She came to the University of South Carolina thinking she'd blend in as an average student. But once she chose sociology and had a perfect GPA semester, it opened the door to another opportunity; Sociology professor Mathieu Delflem asked her to work as his research assistant.

Congratulations to Nick Heiserman

PhD candidate Nick Heiserman has been awarded the ASA Social Psychology Section’s Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award for his project, “Intersectional Complexity in Stereotype Content”.

Check out Assistant Professor Diego Leal's recent study

Do you want to know more about the hierarchical nature of the migratory exchanges between all countries in the Western hemisphere? This study analyzes the system of migration flows across the American continent between 1960-2000.

Sociology professor and former graduate students' publication among ASA journals' ten most downloaded articles in 2020

Article, Does Violent Protest Backfire? Testing a Theory of Public Reactions to Activist Violence by professor Brent Simpson, Matthew Feinberg and Robb Willer, was published in Socius in October 2018 and had 12,499 searches.

Research published in the journal Social Networks

Assistant Professor Diego Leal has published new co-authored research on the definition of friendship among adolescents for eight racially diverse cohorts of sixth graders. The findings show that adolescents define friendship primarily in terms of norms for mutual behavior, and that there are systematic differences by gender.

Sociology professor and former graduate student's publication among ASA journals' ten most downloaded articles in 2020 

Article, Unpacking the Parenting Well-Being Gap: The Role of Dynamic Features of Daily Life across Broader Social Contexts by Daniela Negraia and professor Jennifer Augustine, was published in Social Psychology Quarterly in September 2020 and had 1,356 searches.

New book on gender and popular culture

Anna Rogers (Ph.D. 2019), now at University of Georgia, and Professor Mathieu Deflem co-authored a new book, Doing Gender in Heavy Metal: Perceptions on Women in a Hypermasculine Subculture. A study on the evolving role of women in the heavy metal music community, the book will be published by Anthem Press later this year.

Featured Alum Loretta Raiford, '04

Loretta Raiford graduated from USC with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology in 2004. Prior to attending USC, Loretta Raiford volunteered at an orphanage in East Africa at the age of 19.

Featured Alum Justin Bamberg, '09

Justin Bamberg graduated from USC with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology in 2009. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor from USC School of Law in 2011, and in 2014 was elected to the SC House of Representatives, representing state legislative district 90.


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