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Law Enforcement and Security

Personal safety and security while you are on our campus pursuing academic studies and attending other events is our primary objective.

USC Salkehatchie historically has a very low crime rate. Crime prevention and awareness is the key to maintaining personal safety and security in any environment.   Maintenance and custodial personnel are available for immediate response for any campus emergency. The City of Allendale Police Department or the City of Walterboro Police Department are utilized when necessary for accidents or incidents that may be criminal in nature or automobile accidents and/or property damage. The USC System Law Enforcement Division is also utilized when necessary depending on the situation

Reporting Emergencies

All emergencies or criminal actions can be reported to any administrative office on campus. Administrative offices will report crimes or emergencies directly to the Director of Finance. During evening hours, emergencies can be reported to the library and the administrator on call will be contacted. During normal campus hours, a maintenance supervisor of each shift has an emergency cell phone on his person at all times. That number is distributed to faculty, staff and students to use in case of emergency as well. These individuals have direct contact with the Allendale and Walterboro police departments.

To consistently assure safety measures on campus, USC Salkehatchie utilizes the Carolina Alert System which can send SMS/text and voice messages to your cell phone, e-mail address and land-line phone in case of emergencies. To sign up, log onto your account, click on the Personal folder, then Emergency Notification. 

Helpful Resources

Provided on this page for your benefit are links  which provide services and/or information. 

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