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Student Health Services

Student Health Fee

Your student health fee pays for many health services, including routine office visits, preventive health consultations and mental health visits.

Beginning fall 2018, USC-Columbia students will be required to have health insurance.

This requirement applies to: undergraduates taking six hours or more and paying the student health fee, graduate students taking six hours or more, graduate students with assistantships and all international students.


What is the Student Health Fee?

Your student health fee, paid with your tuition, covers most of your on-campus health services.


Insurance Coverage

We accept insurance through the Student Health Insurance Plan, which covers many of our services either completely or partially. We do not accept third-party insurance plans.
Student Health Insurance Plan Coverage »


Some Services Require Fees

Routine services are covered completely by the student health fee, paid with your tuition, and most other services are partially covered. 

Most Common Fee-Based Services

Immunizations, Allergies and Travel
Service Fee
Allergy Injection $31 (per injection)
Immunization Administration $7
MMR Vaccine $120
TB Skin Test $42
Travel Visit $60 – $75
Service Fee
Blood Count (complete) $29 – $45
Blood Draw (venipuncture) $18
Flu Test $39
Pregnancy Test $24
STI Testing (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis) $25 – $43
Strep Test $26
Urinalysis $36
Medical Record Copies
Service Fee
Under 10 Pages Free
10 - 30 Pages $0.65 (per page)
31+ Pages $0.50 (per page)
Additional Processing Fee, 6 – 20 Pages $15
 Additional Processing Fee, 21+ Pages $25

The maximum charge is $200 for paper copies and $150 for electronic copies.

Primary Care
Service Fee
Albuterol Breathing Treatment $21
IV Fluids $81 – $100
Radiology/Physical Therapy
Service Fee
 EKG $76
X-Ray  $85 – $145
Physical Therapy Evaluation  $75 – $100
Service Fee
Ace Wrap $8
Crutches $66
Splint, Cast or Brace $25 – $130
Women's Health
Service Fee
LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) Insertion $138 – $162
Pap Smear $57
Wet Prep/KOH Prep $16 (each)

Please call Financial Services at 803-777-3174 for a full list of for-fee services and charge rates.


Special Enrollment Status & Partners 

Students with Special Enrollment Status are eligible for all services at Student Health Services. These same students can also choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan

Spouses/partners of students with a spousal CarolinaCard can access Student Health Services, except for counseling sessions and psychiatric evaluations, on a fee-for-service basis. Spouses/partners can participate in group therapy and couples counseling. Children of students cannot access care at Student Health Services. Students can choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan for their spouse/partner and children.