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Student Health Services

Student Health Insurance Plan

Our affordable Student Health Insurance Plan is an excellent match for students. It offers comprehensive benefits, low co-pays and zero on-campus deductibles, plus off-campus vision and dental.

Beginning fall 2018, USC-Columbia students will be required to have health insurance.

This requirement applies to: undergraduates taking six hours or more and paying the student health fee, graduate students taking six hours or more, graduate students with assistantships and all international students.



Referrals Required

Beginning Jan. 1, all USC-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan policy holders will need a referral for off-campus specialists. If you have questions about your referral, please call medical records at 803-777-2870. 


What's Covered

Office Visits

Covered 100%.

(Exception: There is a small co-pay for psychiatry visits.)Flu Shots
Free without a co-pay.


Off-campus dental coverage for two cleanings and a set of x-rays annually. Resin fillings are also covered. 


100% coverage with a $20 co-pay at Student Health Services Vision Care. Vision Care opens late 2018.  


Co-Pay: $10 for on-campus prescriptions

Deductible: $0, waived for on-campus services

Coverage: 80% Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses

Off-Campus Benefits

  • 80% of Reasonable and Customary Costs. 

  • Co-pay of $20 – $100 after a $100 deductible is met.

Contraceptive prescriptions, or birth control, are included with pharmacy and prescription benefits.

Lab Work & X-Rays

Covered 100%, including STI (sexually transmitted infection) screenings.

Emergency Room

Covered at 80% after $450 co-pay. Co-pay waived if you are admitted.


Plan Details


2018 - 2019 Annual: $2,047 ($170.58 per month)

Graduate Assistant Subsidy

Graduate assistants may receive a subsidy during the 2018-2019 academic year - check with your department. 


Student Health Center: $0

In-Network: $750

Out-of-Network: $1,500

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

In-Network: $6,350

Out-of-Network: $15,000

Plan Benefits
  • 100% Coverage for Most Services ($20 co-pay)

  • No Annual Deductibles

  • Unlimited Maximum Benefit

  • Co-Insurance 100%

  • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

  • Most Generic Prescriptions $10 ($20 at off-campus pharmacies)

  • Exceptional Mental Health Coverage

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Travel Guard

  • Preventive Services (screenings and exams)

Comparison to Other Insurance Plans

The university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is considered a Gold Plan in the insurance marketplace. A comparable plan purchased somewhere else would cost more than $350 per month, while we offer the plan for $170 per month. On-Campus Services More Cost Effective

On-campus services are more cost-effective with the Student Health Insurance Plan, since most of them are covered at 100%. Consider Availability of Local In-Network Providers
If your health insurance plan only has in-network providers in your home state, your out-of-pocket health care costs may be much higher while you're in South Carolina.

Waiving Out of Student Health Insurance

To turn down the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, you must provide documentation of comparable insurance coverage and submit an online waiver.
2018-2019 Student Health Insurance Site is available:


Common Health Plan Concerns

Coverage While Studying Abroad

You're covered by the university sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan while you're abroad. Some study abroad coverage may require additional coverage.Academic Emergency Services provides 24-hour coverage to assist with travel issues including medical services such as:

  • Medical Referrals

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Assistance

  • Medical Transport

Signing Up for Insurance During the School Year

You can sign up for the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan during the year if you have a qualifying life event.Qualifying Events

  • Disqualification from parents' health plan due to age.

  • Losing private insurance through loss of employment or divorce.

You must provide proof that you lost insurance through another group by providing a certificate and letter of ineligibility with 30 days of the event.

Enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and Children

You can enroll spouses, domestic partners and dependent children in your plan. You will be charged for their coverage separately, and not through your student account.

Financial Aid and Health Insurance

If proof of insurance is required as a condition of your enrollment, you can request additional funds for your health insurance premium amount.Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at 803-777-8134.

Coverage After Graduation

Coverage Periods

  • August 1 to December 31

  • January 1 to July 31

You will remain covered after graduation until your coverage period ends. 


Special Enrollment Status & Partners 

Students with Special Enrollment Status can choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Students can choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan for their spouse/partner and children.