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Preston Residential College

Preston Scholars Program

The Preston Scholars Program is a unique way to showcase your involvement with Preston while pursuing Graduation with Leadership Distinction.

About the Program

The Preston Scholars Program supports students of any major, minor or intellectual interest in their quest for academic and community leadership. Students must reside at Preston for at least one semester to apply, and can join the program at any time during or after their residency.

Preston Scholars Program Brochure

Core Functions

  1. Recognize high-achieving students in areas of leadership and service
  2. Support student progression toward GLD
  3. Promote opportunities to learn more about leadership
  4. Connect students with programs at the Leadership and Service Center
  5. Provide funding for student scholarship through travel awards and undergraduate research grants


Benefits of Becoming a Preston Scholar

Becoming a Preston Scholar distinguishes students from their peers and demonstrates dedication to developing leadership and service. Students who earn distinction as Preston Scholars are better prepared to market their capacities to engage meaningfully across within and beyond the classroom, demonstrate effective leadership skills, and engage in service work which they integrate into employment and civic life.

The program provides students who are interested in leadership with:

  • an additional path to distinction
  • recognition for high-achievement students
  • supports student progression toward Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD)
  • promotes leadership and engagement
  • connects students to opportunities for meaningful service experience, and
  • provides funding for student scholarship through travel awards and undergraduate research grants.


Getting Involved

If you're interested in learning more about the Preston Scholars Program, please contact Sarah Kelly at