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Preston Residential College


Preston Residential College is the university’s only residential college, where students eat  together each week at their own dining hall, hang out with 20 or so faculty and staff associates, and have their own live-in faculty principal.


As a creative and vibrant undergraduate living and learning community, Preston Residential College is committed to building leaders and transforming the world. We achieve this through civic engagement, meaningful relationships with faculty and staff, creative expression, a unique dining facility, and intellectual exchange through diversity of thought. Committed to mentorship, leadership development, social interaction, and student-led initiatives, we strive to engage our students in learning both within and beyond the classroom.



Preston Residential College seeks to provide a transformative undergraduate experience by fostering a close-knit family of scholars, purposeful interactions, a commitment to servant leadership, and a passion for civic engagement.



Everything we do at Preston aligns with our four pillars:

  • Passion enriches life and propels growth in Preston students and faculty.
  • Community unites a diverse population seeking personal and intellectual growth.
  • Knowledge is essential to development of the individual and society.
  • Responsibility compels each of us to improve the world.