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Preston Residential College


Members of the UofSC faculty and staff who are committed to enhancing the lives of Preston residents.

Become an Associate

Information for current UofSC faculty and staff.

Adopt an Associate

Current Preston residents are purposefully matched with an Associate to foster a deeper relationship with one Associate.


Current Associates

  • Christian Anderson

    Christian Anderson

    Education Leadership and Policies

  • Pastor Frank Anderson

    Pastor Frank Anderson

    Lutheran Campus Ministry

  • Jabari Bodrick

    Jabari Bodrick

    Leadership and Service Center

  • Frenche Brewer

    Frenche Brewer

    African-American Studies

  • Bentley Coffey

    Bentley Coffey


  • Emily Davis

    Emily Davis 

    Education Leadership and Policies

  • Amber Falluca

    Amber Falluca

    USC Connect

  • Dan Freedman

    Dan Freedman

    Social Work

  • Casey Goldston Giraudy

    Casey Goldston Giraudy 

    Public Health 

  • John Grady

    John Grady 

    Sport and Entertainment Management 

  • Kunio Hara

    Kunio Hara 


  • Deb Hazzard

    Deb Hazzard


  • Mark Macuada

    Mark Macauda 

    Office of Practice and Community Engagement 

  • Diane McGhee Valle

    Diane McGhee Valle


  • Julie Morris

    Julie Morris 

    Office of Undergraduate Research 

  • William Morris

    William Morris 

    Educational Studies 

  • Lucille Mould

    Lucille Mould 


  • Maureen Petkewich

    Maureen Petkewich 


  • William Pruitt

    William Pruitt

    Study Abroad

  • Ryan Rykaczewski

    Ryan Rykaczewski


  • Abbas Tavakoli

    Abbas Tavakoli 


  • Yang Wang

    Yang Wang


  • Laura Woliver

    Laura Woliver 

    Political Science