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College of Engineering and Computing

Center for Predictive Maintenance

The Center for Predictive Maintenance at the University of South Carolina is an interdisciplinary group spanning four departments and includes students at all levels of education along with faculty members and military personnel.  The program combines research and implementation solutions to support the U.S. Army Aviation program.


Interview with Education Advisory Board (EAB) about CBM

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In early January, Dr. Bayoumi, director of CPM, did an interview with EAB about condition-based maintenance (CBM).  It was a question and answer about CBM and the future of maintenance in higher education.  In the intervew Dr. Bayoumi talks about how CBM compares to other types of maintenance along with the benefits and challenges. Click here to read the full interview.


 CPM Attends NATO Chiefs of Transformation Conference

The Cengearbox demoter for Predictive Maintenance recently attended the NATO Chiefs of Transformation Conference (COTC) to present the intermediate gearbox demonstration to showcase the capabilities of the University of South Carolina and IBM partnership to help military in NATO contries with advanced computing and fleet management.  The COTC focused on how NATO and Partners can leverage innovation to shape future capabilities to meet the ambitions of the Warsaw Summit outcomes now while preparing for an increasingly unstable, uncertain, challenging and dangerous world environment in 2030 and beyond.  The presentation by USC was well received by all in attendance which included one, two, three, and four star generals from the US and other NATO affiliated countries.

 CPM featured in Breakthrough Article

The Center for Predictive Maintenacpm articlence is experiencing exciting new growth. On August 15, the Center was featured in an article for USC.  The article talks about the future of the program with exciting new projects and a new larger facility. Read the full article here.



2016 AHS Forum 72

This year, AHS International's 72nd Annuconferenceal Forum and Technology Display was held in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The three-day conference included more than 265 presented technial papers along with insights and panel discussions by key decision makers.  The Center had two papers presented at this years forum: "Estimation of Economic Effectiveness of HUMS equipped AH-64 Aircrafts: An ROI Approach" presented by Tanzina Zaman and "A Training and Educational Demonstration for Improving Maintenance Practices" presented by Travis Edwards.

 Visitors from the Department of Defense

tourThe Center for Predictive Maintenance (CPM) gave a tour to visitors from the Department of Defense (DoD).  Visitors were first given a general briefing on the activities and history of the Center and then were given a tour of the facilities.  They were able to get an up close look at the various test stands at the Center and interact with CPM team members.


 RMPIG meeting in Fort Worth, Texas

msg3 tripGeneral Eisner and Dr. Bayoumi recently attended a Rotary Wing Maintenance Programs Industry Group (RMPIG) meeting held in Fort Worth, Texas.  The meeting was hosted by Bell Helicopter and attended by various people in industry, academia, and military.  Topics of discussion included HUMS for Credit, Power Usage Inspection Intervals, and Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3) reviews.