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Internal Grant Programs
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Application Information
  • Proposals may be submitted to more than one internal grant program; however, principal investigators are only eligible to be funded by one program. Proposals submitted to more than one program must be submitted by the same principal investigator.
  • Proposals may be submitted for new or continuing (previously funded) projects. Distinction between completed and proposed work needs to be emphasized.
  • Prior Provost's Grant Program award recipients are not eligible to submit a proposal until they have submitted the final report for their current award. Distinction between completed and proposed work needs to be emphasized.
  • The number of awards will be contingent on the number and quality of funding applications received and approved as well as the amount requested and allocated per application.
  • The review committee will submit a ranked list of proposals recommended for funding to the Provost and may recommend changes in funding amount with justification.
  • Project Period : May 16, 2015 - May 15, 2017. Project periods may be from one month to twenty-four (24) months in duration.
  • Be sure to follow the application procedure carefully: title page, three-page proposal narrative, supporting documentation, pending and current support form, Excel budget form, and detailed budget justification.
  • Course buy-out of teaching classes is allowed, one per academic semester (amount is restricted to $5,000 or less per course, limited to two courses). Requires a letter of support from your department chair.
  • Supporting documentation is important, particularly for proposals involving publication or research at restricted sites. Letters of support for any potential contract, showing, or other research activity are strongly encouraged.

Budget amounts should be stated as accurately as possible. All fringe benefits costs must be in accordance with published University rates and will be adjusted as appropriate. The budget justification should provide sufficient detail of how the request will support the project.

Post Award and Reporting Requirements
Upon receipt of the award letter, consult with your department business manager to establish an account. The final report should be submitted to Mary Alexander, malexand@mailbox.sc.edu, no later than 90 days after the grant is completed. View the full guidelines for post award reporting (PDF).

USCeRA Submission Instructions
USCeRA is the University of South Carolina electronic research administration software system which includes electronic grants routing/approval and human subjects applications submission/routing. If you have not registered for USCeRA, complete the registration form at https://sam.research.sc.edu/uscera/UserAction.do?performAction=preAdd.
  1. You must submit your completed proposal packet through USCeRA (https://sam.research.sc.edu/uscera) and get APPROVAL from your chair, dean and/or chancellor before 5:00 pm on the deadline date.
  2. Application receipt date: See specific grant program announcement.
  3. Select “Create New Proposal” in USCeRA. Begin by filling out the information on the Proposal/Award Processing Form (PAP). The top part of the form includes information such as your project title, dates of performance, and your total requested budget.
  4. IMPORTANT: Under “Internal Requests,” you must select “yes.” Then you must check the box next to the word “Provost,” and select the appropriate Provost’s funding opportunity from the drop-down menu. Failure to do this means your proposal will not be saved and will not be processed.
  5. Make sure you answer all of the “Yes/No” questions on the PAP form.
    • For Question #12, “Does your project involve human subjects?,” if your project involves human subjects and you do not have IRB approval, hit the “Lookup” button, click the “select” button, and type the word “pending” in the box that says “Other.”
  6. Hit “Save” on the PAP form when you have entered all of the information. The system will alert you (at top of the form in red) if you have failed to complete any required information.
  7. On the next page, select “Internal Commit Form.” The Internal Commit Form should be used to list the amount that you are requesting from the Provost's Office. Do not enter an amount in the Start-Up box. Enter in the amount that you are requesting for each year in the corresponding box. The total will calculate automatically for you. Do NOT use this form to enter cost share.
  8. DO NOT FORGET TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON! You will receive e-mails from USCeRA indicating when your proposal has been approved by your department chair, dean, etc. You always can log-on to the system to check on the status of your proposal.

Questions? For more information, please contact the Office of the Provost at 803-777-2808 or the individuals below: