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Current USC Columbia Faculty Manual

The Faculty Manual is designed primarily for faculty members teaching in undergraduate and graduate programs on the Columbia campus. Contained herein is information concerning university regulations and procedures considered to be of particular interest to faculty on the Columbia campus. Manuals pertaining to faculty on the other university campuses are issued separately.

Faculty members and staff are urged to examine regularly the agenda and minutes of the General Faculty and Faculty Senate. Action by these bodies may modify the content of this Manual (subject to the approval of the University Board of Trustees). Changes in policies and regulations go into effect following the requisite approvals. The most current official version of The Faculty Manual is on the University's web site at URL: http://www.sc.edu/policies/facman/.

The Faculty Manual has been edited by the Chair of the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Advisory Committee, with the cooperation of the Office of the Provost. Members of the faculty are invited to make suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of future editions of the Manual.

* You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the Faculty Manual. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here.

About the USC Columbia Faculty Manual The Faculty Manual embodies the essential elements of the employment relationship between the faculty, individually and collectively, and the university. It establishes the terms of employment, the manner of appointment, the procedures and standards for tenure and promotion, the duties of faculty members, and the procedures and standards for termination of employment. It delineates faculty organization and confirms the authority of the faculty to participate in the governance of the university, especially in regard to academic matters. Amendments to The Faculty Manual are generally presented for the consideration and approval of the faculty and the administration before submission to the Board of Trustees.

Through the years, much information of interest and importance to the faculty has been added to The Faculty Manual. Such information has been placed in appendices in this edition, clarifying what material is part of the essential contract between the faculty and the university. The appendices may be amended in appropriate cases by the university without faculty or trustee approval.

Questions? Any comments or suggestions regarding the proposed changes or the Faculty Manual more generally should be directed to Camelia Knapp and Bill Sudduth, Co-Chairs of the Faculty Advisory Committee or via the Faculty Manual Comment Submission page.