Spur Connections - Mentor Guidelines for Use

When creating your Spur Connections profile you will be required to agree to the following:

  • Knowing, understanding, and in full, appreciating all possible risks, I hereby voluntarily and willingly assume all risks associated with my participation in this program.
  • I agree to release and hold harmless the University of South Carolina for consequences resulting directly or indirectly from or in any manner arising out of, or in connection with, my participation in this program.
  • I agree to be responsive to student/alumni requests for my assistance based on the maximum number of contacts I choose to allow each month.  If I find I am unable to participate at that level I will edit my profile accordingly or will contact the Career Center to inactive my account.
  • I agree that I am participating for meaningful, professional mentoring purposes and not for solicitation or any other purpose.
  • I understand that I may have more than one JobMate account for different purposes, and agree that all active recruiting of USC students/alumni must occur through a JobMate employer contact account which is separate from my Spur Connections mentor account.
  • I agree to be honest in my information and representation presented in my mentor profile.
  • I agree to list an accessible email account for students/alumni and Career Center staff to contact me.
  • I understand that my profile will be pending until approved by a Career Center staff member.
  • For the comfort and safety of USC students/alumni and for my own protection, I agree to meet with students/alumni in public places and to report any   suspicious activity immediately to the Career Center.
  • I agree to complete and submit a monthly activity report to the USC Career Center of the student/alumni connections I make once an interaction has occurred.
  • I agree to complete an annual evaluation of my participation in this program.
  • I agree to participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and the taking of photographs or moving images. I also grant the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for non-profit purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media for Career Center promotional use.
  • I understand that I may contact the Career Center and request to inactivate my profile at any time.
  • I understand that the Career Center has the right to inactivate my account and participation in the program if I am found to be in violation of the Guidelines for Use.

Spur Connections