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Career Center

Career Center Tools

Don't waste your time filtering through thousands of online career development tools and resources. We've already done the work for you! Our online resources allow USC students to research employers, explore career options, practice essential skills and learn great tips for a successful journey.


Handshake is the Career Center’s online resource for jobs, internships, events and employer connections. Handshake is also where students can find resources and make appointments with a career coach. 

Interview Stream

Interview Stream is the Career Center’s online practice interview resource that allows students and alumni to conduct a mock interview on their own time, accessing more than 3,000 questions that are broken out into behavioral and industry categories.

Optimal Resume

Optimal Resume is the Career Center’s online tool to help create and present a high-impact resume. Once you have created a resume, don’t forget to bring it to the Career Center for review and feedback during our drop-in hours.

Career Shift

Career Shift is an online tool that allows students to search, select and store job listings from all job boards and all company job postings. Students and alumni can also find up-to-date contact information for millions of companies.

Candid Career

Candid Career is the premier provider of thousands of informational video interviews featuring industry professionals.  Students and alumni can get the inside scoop on careers, as well as advice that will provide an edge in the job search.


Students can gain access to a variety of free handouts and tipsheets that are designed to help you polish your skills and gain the confidence you need to land the job. Employers will find valuable resources such as an overview of services, Handshake User Guide and Employer Newsletter.

Staff Toolbox

Career Center staff can gain access to valuable information that supports your function.