Websites for the School of Music

The following sites include information about topics or careers in various areas of music.  Additional sites listed may provide related career development or salary survey information.

* Sites that post or link to actual job listings are designated with a star.

NOTE:   We strongly recommend that you preview websites in all categories since many of the websites listed could apply to students in more than one major. If you are interested in teaching, you may also want to view the list of websites for the College of Education.  If you are interested in other areas of the arts, you may also wish to view the list of websites under the College of Arts and Sciences and, in particular, Theater, Speech & Dance.

Music Education Resume Preparation & Job Trends  


The Acoustical Society of America
Provides information about careers in acoustics, including musical acoustics, and has job postings in both business and education (post doc level).

American Music Therapy Association
Great site with lots of good information about careers in music therapy, a list of schools with music therapy programs, a list of related list-serves and a comprehensive list of job openings in alphabetical order by state.

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP )
Good networking source, as the members and board of directors are all songwriters or music publishers. Offers some interesting commentaries on the industry. Good information on legal issues. Under "resources in the music business", be sure to see professional organizations for your area of interest, since some of their web pages may list jobs.

College Music Society (CMS))
This consortium of college, conservatory, university and independent musicians are focused on promoting the teaching and learning of music.  Non-members can learn about Institutes, workshops, and conferences; for an annual fee of $30, students can join to access the current music vacancy list of positions ranging from administration to woodwinds.

International Society for the Performing Arts Foundation
Go to "Resources" and click on "Job Listings".  Provides broad job listings, although most require some previous experience. Also provides a long list of links to members’ web pages, which could also be good resources.

League of American Orchestras
This organization encourages, and supports America's orchestras while communicating to the public the value and importance of orchestras and the music they perform.  Students can search for careers related to music administration or locate orchestras by state.  There are interested statistics about the field, as well.

Music Library Association
Provides an excellent overview of a career as a music librarian, how to get there, job outlook, etc. Click on "Useful Resources On-Line" for a list of related list-serves and web-sites.  Under "Services", click on "Placement Service Job List" for a thorough listing of open positions.

The National Association for Music Education (MENC)
Useful information and resources for music educators at all levels, including good job listings. Also, in the job center section, clicking on "Careers in Music" will provide a nice overview of various paths in music and their respective salaries. Includes such areas as music teacher, music therapist, performer, church musician, composer/conductor, music industry, tv/radio industry, music librarian and more.

National Guild of Organists
AGO Positions Available Online is a service of the American Guild of Organists. This interactive service is offered to all employers seeking the services of individuals in the organ and choral music fields and related professions, and to all AGO members seeking employment.

National Music Council
Their membership list is a great way to link to sites of potential employers or other sites with good links.

Network of Music Career Development Officers (NETMCDO)
An international group of professionals working in the area of music career development.  This site provides information, advising, and resources (including job/audition listings) to musicians to advance their careers across the spectrum of the professional music world.

An organization focused on increasing the participation of Blacks and Latinos in music schools, as professional musicians, and as classical music audiences.  As well, to administer youth development initiatives in underserved communities through music education and to  promote the creation, performance, and preservation of works by Black & Latino composers.

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Indiana University School of Music: Music Jobs
Direct links to a number of music job posting sites.

USC Websites for the College of Education
Click on the 'Higher Education - General' link to see a list of web resources that post faculty positions.

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Music Education On-Line
Comprehensive site with multiple functions. Provides a networking and resource sharing section for teachers in chorus, orchestra and band, as well as many links to music related sites in categories such as brass instruments, strings, woodwind instruments, piano percussion, jazz, voice, orchestra, bands, classical music, music schools and institutes, music retailers, music education resources, and more.

MusicStaff: Music Teacher Search
Clicking on "Teacher Lounge" will lead you to an additional link for open music teaching jobs, as well as links to other related resources.

Music Teachers National Association
Organization which advances the value of music study and music making and supports the professionalism of music teachers. 

USC Websites for the College of Education
Click on any of  the links under the 'K-12' section. 

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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Summer Student Internship Program
Obtain detailed information about the academy's summer internships in Los Angeles, named one of the "Top Ten Internships in America" by The Princeton Review in their 1999 Student Access Guide to America's Top Internships.  Internships exist in 27 categories including Agency, Children's Programming/Development, Commercials, Entertainment News, Music, Network Public Relations & Publicity and Sound to name a few.  Be sure to read the On-Line Debut Newsletter for informative articles.

Cultural Career Information
"The Youth Internship Program (YIP), offered through CHRC in partnership with Human Resources Development Canada and the Department of Canadian Heritage, offers 6-12 month paid internships in exciting and diverse cultural organizations and disciplines." 

Students can search this site for internships and jobs in the music industry.  Students do not have to purchase a membership to access some listings, but there is a members-only section that contains additional listings.  Click on the 'search jobs' button in the yellow bar at the top; define your search parameters, uncheck the 'Include members only listings' box, and click on the 'search' button.

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Academic and Career Information Center
Scroll down to the Writers, Composers and Musicians section for websites.

Incredible site with a wealth of information! Easiest to navigate by clicking on "web site guide". Once in this page, be sure to click on Arts and Education Job Postings in the "Newsbreak Main Page" section for job listings, and on Music in the "Web Spotlight Main Page" section for links to other music sites. Many resources. Great links!

The American Music Center
The American Music Center (AMC) is a national service and information center for new American music.

American Orff-Schulwerk Association
A nice listing of links to various web sites in areas such as music & music education, dance and arts education.

Careers in Music
Excellent site to explore the many different career options music majors have within their specialty area

Guild of American Luthiers
Important information (including training programs) for those interested in making and repairing string instruments.

Music Business Solutions
The Musician’s Resource Directory” centralizes the best resources for informed music career development.

New England Conservatory of Music
See the opportunities and resources for helpful information and visit Bridge Worldwide Music Connection, a service of the New England Conservatory of Music.  Bridge provides access to over 1500 opportunities in music: performance, teaching, and arts administration jobs; access to grant listings, competitions, and festivals; one-on-one career advising via email with qualified professionals.  Email Career Center for username and password.

MusicalOnline - Classical Music Directory
This is a comprehensive research site complete with categories including jobs, "what's new?", academic/research, reports, today, performing arts directory, community, shopping directory, services.

The Music and Audio Connection
Provides lengthy lists of music associations, music companies, and programs of study in music. The "talent wanted" and "business opportunities" section of the classifieds are geared more to bands looking for members. .

Music Industry Management
"TAXI is a vehicle that can help get your music to the right people.  You'll also find a wealth of other information including great articles, monthly newsletter, and a unique online database designed to help you find collaborators, band mates, producers, vocalists, and more. It will also help them find you!

Music Libraries for Music, Sound Effects and Sound Media Sources
A large and growing number of professional libraries offer a variety of musical styles, sound effects and formats to fit virtually any production. This listing is organized by region and includes such information, when it could be obtained, as the style of the music in the library and the rights available

SibeliusAcademy: Music Resources
Although a Finnish conservatory, this page has comprehensive links of an international nature in such categories as church music, opera, orchestra, composing, jazz and blues and more.

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All Star Radio
Comprehensive site that provides job listings for TV, radio and film.

Airwaves Media Web
This site contains articles and editorials on current issues in radio and journalism, including employment opportunities, a bulletin board and a FCC database search.

Audio World is the "Yahoo!" of audio, the web "portal" of audio and the one place to visit online every day, if you need to know about audio.  Good information in areas of music and musicbiz.

The Center of Promotion of Contemporary Composers (CPCC)
List of opportunities for both composers and performers including faculty positions. Also provides great links to related sites.

Classic Web Music Jobs
International job listings with choirs, opera companies, symphonies and orchestras.
The business source for the performing arts – industry news, industry links and more.

The Opera Schedule Server
Simply provides a list of opera companies world wide, as well as a list of links to other opera related sites. May be a good way to network.

* Performance Magazine
According to its marketing pieces, this is the largest musician's trade magazine in the U.S. and covers all genres of independent music.  They advertise student internships and have a policy of hiring these interns when a full-time position becomes available.  Musicians can advertise their services or learn of opportunities via their 'musicians' link.  In addition to musicians, staff writer and photographer positions are available.

Playbill On-Line
Click on "Casting and Jobs" located under "Industry" for numerous job openings including categories in performing, technical, academic, administrative, and design. Sample positions include singers, sound engineers, music directors, sales, marketing, fund raising, and even internships. Nice variety of companies (theatres, theme parks, consulting firms, talent agencies, non profit associations, symphonies and more. GREAT SITE!

Showbiz Jobs
Search over 394 showbiz jobs by region, company or job search category.

SUNY Fredonia
Top-notch sound recording technology program.

University of Indiana – Internet Resources
Click on "Other sites related to performance" to hot link to sites with job postings. Click on "Research and Study" for many neat categories such as technology, acoustics, music therapy and much more. An excellent resource.

Young Concert Artists, Inc.
This non-profit organization is dedicated to launching the careers of young aspiring instrumentalists and vocalists. Through an audition process, the winning artists, are provided with the booking of concert engagements, publicity, promotional materials, and career guidance at no cost to the artist until the they are signed by commercial management (usually three to five years). See site for audition details.

Opera America
Opera America serves and strengthens the field of opera by providing a variety of informational, technical, and administrative resources to the greater opera community. Its fundamental mission is to promote opera as exciting and accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

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The American Federation of Teachers
The American Federation of Teachers provides average teacher salaries, starting salaries and information about national trends. State agencies are also listed.

Music Career Handouts
These online resources are made available to job seekers thanks to the generosity of the Career Center staff at The New England Conservatory.  While most of the general ones are free, users can access a list of all handouts which can be purchased for as little as $2.

Musician's Handbook
This web site, sponsored by the Eastman School of Music, helps musicians to put together a resume with an intended audience in mind.  As well, it has 'example' resumes so students can see a finished product.

Resume' Preparation Guide for Musicians
This web site from Lawrence University (WI) assists preparers with resume basics, advice for how to obtain a quality photograph, materials for self-promotion and sample resumes.

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Click on  the JobMate button on the right side of the page.  Job listings are updated daily by the Career Center.  Lists full-time, part-time, summer, internship, and graduate assistantship opportunities in different industries.  Job descriptions include contact information.

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