Finding Jobs

Finding the job you want requires consistent effort on your part. The Alumni Career Development Coach is a valuable partner who can guide you through the job search process. Additional strategies include:

  • Networking—Interact with colleagues, friends, and family who can refer you to information and job contacts in your field.
  • Internal Campaigning—Working part-time, interning, or volunteering is one way to “get your foot in the door.” Employers may like to hire you for a full-time position once you’ve proven your worth at the part-time level.
  • Web pages—Be strategic when you use the Internet to find jobs. Look at professional organization sites, corporate sites, and geographically-targeted sites.
  • Job Fairs—The Career Center hosts several campus-wide events each year. Attending these fairs puts you in direct contact with many potential employers. Also check out community-based job fairs.
  • Direct Contact—You may choose to market yourself to an organization whether openings exist or not. This is done by sending your resume and cover letter directly to the company. Keep in mind that it may take 100 mailings to generate 5 interviews.
  • Career Library—In addition to the Internet, the Career Library has job directories that give corporate contact information. We have geographic directories, industry-specific directories, and some job postings.
  • Resume Referral, Job Postings and On-campus Interviews—Register for Handshake.
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