1.What is CIP?
The Community Internship Program connects students and employers by facilitating internship opportunities to acquire practical experience in employment related to their areas of interest.

2. What is the time frame for becoming CIP Eligible?
Students may become eligible at any time. As a year round program, CIP is always accepting new student agreements.

3. If I obtain CIP eligibility, am I guaranteed an internship?

No.  You will have to search and apply for positions as you would for any other internship opportunity.  However, if you receive an offer you must be CIP eligible in order for the employer to hire you through this program.

4. How many hours can students work during an internship?
Spring & Fall: 240 hours (part time)
Summer: 240 hours-480 hours (part time or full time)
Students may work a minimum of 8 weeks.

5. Can I do an internship with an employer based outside of South Carolina?

6. I am a senior about to graduate.  Am I eligible?
All CIP interns must be current USC students. CIP interns can not be alumni of USC.

7. I attend a system satellite campus of USC.  Am I eligible?
All CIP interns must be USC-Columbia students.

8. I took  some time off from school and have just returned.   Am I eligible?
All CIP interns must have been enrolled full-time during the semester prior to their internship start date.

9. I am an international student?  Can I participate?.
International students may be eligible for CIP in one of the following two ways:

  • CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is available for students that meet eligibility requirements
  • OPT (Optional Practical Training) may be used if CPT is not available
All international students must be approved to work off campus by USC's International Student Services office

For details regarding your eligibility please contact International Student Services at 803-777-7461 or

All international students must complete the appropriate "Verification of Work for International Students" forms

Note that the International Student Services office has different minimum GPA requirements than the Career Center

10. Can I earn academic credit for a CIP internship?
Possibly.  The process of earning academic credit for an internship at Possibly.  The process of earning academic credit for an internship at USC is a decentralized process and is determined by the department which offers your major. Though requirements vary, once you have been offered a position, most departments will want to see a copy of the position description and will want to verify that the work you will be doing is related to your course of study.

Visit and click on your major to see the requirements and contact information for obtaining academic credit based on your major.