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  • USC Visit Guide Series

USC Visit Guide Series

When you visit the University of South Carolina, you visit Columbia. A city boasting with opportunity, there are new sights and adventures waiting at every turn. When you come to visit, we don’t want your experience to be ordinary. We want your experience to be a custom adventure crafted just for you! That’s why we’ve created eight different visit guides catered toward your interests – the perfect visit for you.

So tell us, which guide will you follow?

The Trendsetter

This one is for our coffee drinking, antique shopping, trendsetting Gamecocks. If you’ve been told you have a “hipster” aesthetic, you don’t mind stepping outside the box and nothing quite beats a nice cup of coffee or book of poetry, this visit guide has your name written all over it.


The Sports Enthusiast

 If you constantly have sports on your mind, this one’s for you. Whether it’s golf, football or every sport in between, all sports lovers will want to follow this visit guide. Bonus if you’re already a Gamecock fan. Williams-Brice Stadium can’t wait for you to visit! Queue Sandstorm!


The Art and Music Lover

This one is for our art-loving, music listening, coffee shop-sitting Gamecocks. If you can’t go anywhere without a song playing in the background, you’re a strong advocate for the arts or both, you’ll definitely feel like the main character with these local spots. This visit guide will make your trip worthwhile!


The Foodie

This one is for our three-course meal lovin’ Gamecocks. If you enjoy trying new foods and are always prepared to fill your belly, this guide is the one you’ll want to follow! Trust us, we have a bunch of good ol’ southern food for you to try, too. If our campus doesn’t convince you to stay, our BBQ just might!


The Environmentalist

This one is for our Gamecocks who strive to make the world a brighter place. If you’re environmentally friendly and all about keeping the community green and clean, you’ll enjoy these options. From vegan food to the cutest little second-hand shops, this guide will have you hitting some of the best spots in Columbia.


The History Buff

Columbia is full of history! From historic food tours to the South Carolina State House, we have a guide prepared for all you history buffs that’ll leave you traveling back in time! Don’t worry, we’ll have you back in time to make your ride home (unless you want to stay, that’s cool with us, too).


The Outdoor Adventurer

This one is for our river floating, trail hiking, outdoor-lovin’ Gamecocks. If you find yourself consistently outdoors and you prefer it that way, you’ll want to follow our “Outdoor Lover” guide! We pride ourselves in having a city that still offers tons of nature! You’ll love it here!


The Localist

If you’re all about supporting local shops and restaurants, this is the guide for you. Here, we have listed a day full of local activities for you to partake in while here in Columbia! We love our small, local businesses – you will, too!


Sit back, play some tunes and enjoy the ride! We can’t wait to see you!

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