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Office of Pre-Professional Advising

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Services Offered

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising (OPPA) is here to assist you in preparing for your eventual application to law school, medical school, dental or veterinary school, or other health professional schools.  You need to demonstrate a strong academic record, firm and clear motivation, and the outstanding personal qualities such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills and altruism.  Take a look at the services we provide and integrate them into your college career.

Pre-Professional Advisement

Let us help as you prepare for your eventual application to law, medical or other health professional school. Whether it is making sure you are taking the appropriate courses, want to figure out how to fit study abroad into your college career, or are looking for undergraduate research opportunities, we can discuss your options and direct you to the appropriate place. You have unlimited opportunities at UofSC and we can help guide you through the sea of information.


Individual appointments

Schedule an one-on-one appointment with one of the advisors.

Eileen Korpita

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advisor
Virtual appointments available
Monday - Friday   |   8:30am-6:00pm

Mark Brown, JD

Pre-Law Advisor
Virtual & in-person appointments available
Monday - Friday   |   8:30am-5:00pm


Career Observation

Exposure to your intended profession is especially important for all health care professions, and we offer the MedView shadowing program as a great way to get connected. For more shadowing opportunities, go to Prisma Health's Workforce Development office.


Application Preparation

When it comes time for you to start applying to professional school, our office will guide you through the process. With some of the instruction manuals for applications being over 100 pages, it will be nice for you to get answers to typical questions with a simple email or phone call to the OPPA.


Personal Statements [pdf]

Many applicants do not know what to include in a personal statement or do not know how to get started.  If you need help determining a good statement topic, complete the Personal Statement Reflection Questions, gather your resume, and schedule an appointment with an advisor. Through questions and reflection, you will likely leave with several ideas. 


Mock Interview

If your professional school requires a personal interview, it is wise to prepare well in advance. A mock interview provided by one of our advisors will help identify your strengths and weaknesses in interviewing. We also have many resources to help you through this sometimes anxiety-provoking time. To schedule a mock interview email Eileen Korpita at

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