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Office of Pre-Professional Advising

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Current Pre-Law Students

As a pre-law student, you have the freedom to pursue any major, opportunities, and experiences that you are passion about! There are no course requirements for law school, only that you complete a Bachelor Degree and take the LSAT before you apply. OPPA is here to help you navigate through these open waters to develop good core competencies such as reading, writing, and oral communication, and also build your resume with quality and unique experiences to make you a competitive applicant. Please refer to some useful information below and come in to meet with a pre-law advisor!


Pre-Law Timeline

What should a pre-law student be doing during their four years here at USC? This document will give you an overview of the things you should be considering.

Pre-Law Handbook

Although law schools do not require specific coursework, they are looking for you to have certain skill sets that you hone through your academics such as reading, writing, and oral communication. Read through this handbook to find courses at USC that will help challenge you in these areas.