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College of Social Work


In most states, social workers must be licensed to practice. The College of Social Work prepares you to pass introductory licensing exams.

Important Information About Programs Leading to Licensure:

Each state has its own licensing board with its own social work licensure requirements. As the Bachelor of Social Work degree program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, graduates from this program at the University of South Carolina are eligible to sit for professional licensure in the state of South Carolina. We cannot confirm that the program meets the specific requirements for professional licensure in another state. 

The University of South Carolina Office of the Provost provides additional information on Academic Programs Professional Licensure.

If a current student is considering relocating to another state after being admitted into the BSW program, the student must contact the program director to discuss how the move may impact their ability to participate in academic courses including filed placement opportunities in a different state.