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College of Nursing

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Swann Arp Adams, PhD, MS

Associate Professor
College of Nursing

Phone: 803-777-7635
Fax: 803-576-5624

College of Nursing
University of South Carolina
1601 Greene Street, Room 618
Columbia, SC 29208-4001 
United States 



Dr. Adams holds dual appointments in the College of Nursing and the Arnold School of Public Health.  She received her BS in Biology in 1994 from Furman University in Greenville, SC, her Master’s in 1996 in Genetic and Molecular Biology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, School of  Biomedical Sciences, and her PhD in 2003 from the University of South Carolina.


Most recently, Dr. Adams has taught Nursing 720 and Epidemiology 742 and 801.  In addition, she has taught review sessions for the Master’s progression exam, a consulting practicum, and Epidemiologic Methods.  Dr. Adams has been an invited lecturer for the following classes:  Advanced Epidemiological Methods II, Cancer Epidemiology, Doctoral Seminar and Exercise Science Colloquium, and Seminar in the Epidemiology of Health Effects of Physical Activity.


Dr. Adams’ extensive research has focused on disparities in breast cancer screening and epidemiology; premature discontinuation of cancer treatment; dietary and physical activity interventions, subject recruitment strategies; inflammation processes and cancer.

Professional Service

Dr. Adams is a member of the Society for Epidemiologic Research, the American College of Sports Medicine, the Southern Nursing Research Society, the North American Association of Cancer Research, and the South Carolina Cancer Center-Junior Scientific.

Professional Practice

Dr. Adams has practiced in the areas of diabetes care, bone marrow transplant, mammography, and oncology.

Research Studies (Selected)

Physical Activity and Hormone Receptor-Defined Breast Cancer.  American College of Sports Medicine—$10,000. 7/1/03- 12/31/04. Principal Investigator.

Co-Occurrence of Diabetes and Breast Cancer Among Women by Ethnicity.  Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program—$90,834.  7/16/04 – 7/15/05.  Principal Investigator.               

Nutritional Status, DNA Damage, and Tumor Pathology.  Department of Defense Breast  Cancer Research Program—$109,125.  7/16/04 – 7/15/05.  Co-Principal Investigator.

Ethnicity, Follow-up, and Breast Cancer Outcomes among Economically Disadvantaged   Women.  University of South Carolina:  Research and Productive Scholarship—  $17,000.  4/1/04 – 6/30/2006.  Principal Investigator. 

A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Ethnic Differences In Interval Diagnosed Breast Cancers     In South Carolina.  South Carolina Cancer Center. $23,690.  4/1/06-9/30/07.  Principal  Investigator.

South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network.  National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health—$2,496,672.  5/2005-4/2010.  Co-Investigator.

Experiential Education to Change Nutrition Practices in a Faith-Based Community.  South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network—$20,577.  7/15/06-7/14/07. Co-Investigator.

A Pilot Investigation of Ethnic Disparities in Patient-Initiated Premature Treatment Discontinuation among Colon Cancer Patients.  National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health—$144,000.  4/2007-3/2009.  Principal Investigator.

Diet & Activity Community Trial: High-Risk Colon Polyps.  National Institutes of Health— 2,829,570.  6/2008 – 5/2013. 

A Feasibility Study of a South Carolina State Mammography Registry.  South Carolina Cancer Alliance—$13,500.  
7/2008 – 6/2009.  Principal Investigator.

Community Navigation for Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Control.  Duke Endowment Foundation—$582,122. 
9/2008 – 8/2011.  Co-Investigator. 

SIP-09-002 South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (SCCPCRN).  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention--$1,496,341.  9/2009-9-2014.  Co-Investigator.

Racial and Rural Differences in Cervical Cancer Screening Practices (Rural Health Research Grant Program Cooperative Agreement).  Health Resources & Services Administration-$202,480.  9/2009 – 9/2010.  Principal Investigator

Preparing for a Program Project Grant in Diet, Physical Activity, and Energy Balance to Address Large Racial Disparities in Colon Cancer Prevention and Control. University of South Carolina, ASPIRE II Grant - $99,586. 5/2012 - 4/2013. Co-Investigator.

South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network – II .  National Cancer Institute - $4,778,822. 7/2010 – 6/2015. Research Program Director.

Publications (Selected)

Harmon BE*, Adams SA, Scott D, Gladman SY, Ezell B, and JR Hebert. (2014). Dash of Faith: A Faith-Based Participatory Research Pilot Study. Religion & Health. Jun;53(3):747-59. doi: 10.1007/s10943-012-9664-z.

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McCracken JL, Friedman DB, Brandt HM, Adams SA, Xirasagar S, Ureda JR, Mayo RM, Comer K, Evans M, Fedrick D, Talley J, Broderick M, and JR Hebert. Findings from the Community Health Intervention Program in South Carolina: Implications for Reducing Cancer-Related Health Disparities. Journal of Cancer Education, In Press, 2013.

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Other, non-peer reviewed publications:

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