Salary & Hiring Information

Are you curious about the salary ranges that are being offered to USC graduates and others nationwide? Do you wonder who hires your students and what types of positions they obtain? Are you interested in the latest employment trends and the current job market?

Employment data are often difficult to determine and are greatly affected by the time students are surveyed - before graduation, at graduation, 6 months after graduation, a year after graduation, etc.  Career Center staff members survey each graduating class just prior to graduation and follow up with inquiries by email and phone one month and three months after their graduations.  For specific hiring information regarding University of South Carolina students, contact the Career Center here.

Many factors contribute to a student's salary upon graduation - geographic location, previous experience, the career field, etc.  For specific information regarding the salaries of recent University of South Carolina graduates, contact the Career Center here.

The Career Center provides salary data, hiring data, and information on market trends. Check out the resources below:

Hiring Information
Who Recruits at USC

Salary Data
Spring 2011 Salary Offers - NACE
Salary Negotiation Tip Sheet

Career Library Resources
Career Library resources include a variety of salary statistics as well as advice on negotiating salary and benefits.

Web Resources
Includes web resources that focus on Salary Data and Relocation.