Community Internship Program


"We recently hired our Summer 2011 CIP Intern for a full-time position. We have been fortunate to find top notch employees from your programs. Thank you for helping us find the brightest and the best"

"As a financial services firm, when deciding between an intern or a part time employee, we did the math. What we weren't prepared for was the quality of work provided by our intern. She has far exceeded our expectations, and surpassed the abilities of previous employees."

"What I enjoyed most about the CIP Program was the enthusiasm our intern brought to the job and her willingness to learn. This has given us great knowledge on how to look for prospective future employees."

"Participating in the CIP program has helped me tremendously. I was able to use the Career Center as a resource if I had any questions or needed any help. The staff was friendly and positive. I would receive constant support from them during my internship. I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. I am honored to represent the University as CIP Intern of the Year!"

"The CIP Program has been a great way to take my business education outside of the classroom and apply my skills to a real world setting."

"The support that CIP provides to students about goal-setting and reflection has helped me see what I do and do not want out of future career choices."



  • Since 2010, 267 employers have posted over 406 CIP internship positions on JobMate
  • CIP Interns earned an average of $10/hour in 2012
  • Since 2010, 48% of CIP interns returned to their position for an additional semester of work.
  • Over 50 majors have been represented by CIP interns since 2010.