Career Library Resources

The Career Library houses specialized information to assist you with your career needs. You will find print, electronic, and interactive resources. The Library is located in the Career Center.There is a small collection of print resources for the College of Engineering and Computing students in the Engineering & Computing Career Center located in Swearingen Engineering Center.

When you visit the Career Library, you will find assistance with the following:

Choosing and Changing Majors Career Choice/Career Assessments
Internships Resumes, Letters, and Interviewing
Full-time Jobs Employer Research
Salary Data and Career Trends Preparing for Graduate School

Below is a link to LibraryThing, the Career Center Library's online catalog.

Search tips:

LibraryThing can be searched using keywords and partial keywords. However. searching for "art" will include results for books with "part" and "smart" in their titles. To narrow your search, use a second keyword such as "career" or "job".

Another option to find resources is once you are on the LibraryThing catalog page, click on the "Tags" button over the list of books. Clicking on a specific tag will yield library resources that match the subject of the tag. For example, "Art" would bring up only resources tagged as being art books.

Link to the LibraryThing Catalog