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Student Affairs and Academic Support

GEMS (Gamecocks Who Excel at Magnificent Service)

The GEMS recognition program makes it easy to celebrate employee achievements and say thank you to staff. The GEMS program aligns with the division’s strategic goals and values by recognizing specific key actions and behaviors: collaboration, innovation, initiative, exceptional customer service, stewardship, respect, empathy and exceeding expectations.


All employees in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support are eligible for recognition — full time, part-time, temporary, research grant /time-limited and graduate assistants.


To participate, ask your department's business manager or HR contact for a GEMS notecard. Fill it out and send it to the employee you want to recognize.

Gift Card Drawing

When the recipient logs their notecard in the GEMS Gift Card Registration Form, you'll both be entered to win a $25 gift card. Winners are announced at the monthly Division Meetings and notified directly by email. Gift cards are available from a variety of vendors, including restaurants, department stores, online shopping venues, specialty shops and gas stations. 

More Information 

For additional information about the GEMS program, contact your manager, business manager or HR coordinator. You may also contact Alicia Bervine ( at 803-777-4989 or Joy Beard ( at 803-777-3952.