University of South Carolina

Small change to have big impact

Now that most campuses are live with their admissions components, another revolution in the way USC manages student data is taking place.

Now, when an applicant accepts an offer of admission, Banner (the software platform that operates as the backbone of OneCarolina) creates something called a general student record. This record then follows the student through their entire college career and is essential to doing things like registering for classes and paying fees.

Just recently, USC Upstate created the system’s very first general student record. It’ll be the first of thousands, and it’s indicative of the way that OneCarolina is changing the way USC operates.

Under the old system, student records were handled individually by area. Whether it was the parking office, the registrar, or financial aid, it was managed using a decentralized approach. With OneCarolina, all of that data will now be consolidated and organized centrally, allowing university staff and faculty to provide a richer student experience. It’ll also lead to further technical innovations down the road.

This is only one of the ways OneCarolina will be changing USC for the better - there are many more coming soon.

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