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OneCarolina Technical Team Making Strides

While 2011 is winding down for most USC students, faculty, and staff, the OneCarolina team is soldiering on, getting as much done as possible before the end of the year.

One area that continues to be a major area of focus is development, which is responsible for ensuring that Banner is fully integrated into USC’s various systems. Banner is the suite of software applications selected by OneCarolina to replace the University’s existing legacy software that supports core institutional processes for most of the USC’s student, financial aid, and human resource functionality.

Right now, the development team is busy improving the quality of code delivery and supporting different levels of testing in preparation for the transition to Banner for Admissions in Summer 2012, according to Kristine Shannon, OneCarolina’s development manager.

“We feel good about having a solid foundation we can manage,” said Shannon. “It’s been really exciting to see these things come together.” 

At its core, development implements solutions for processing data between Banner and other applications within USC and outside of USC, which can include federal and state systems, along with third party hosted services.

“Ensuring that the interface between the Banner system and USC’s systems is clean and working properly is one of the cornerstones of the OneCarolina project. USC’s systems need to be able to talk to Banner, and Banner needs to be able to understand and respond in kind,” said Rita Anderson, OneCarolina project manager.

Over the next several months, development will continue to finalize customizations for Admissions processing and supporting Admissions testing. “We’ll also begin integrating Financial Aid with external interfaces and designing solutions to meet the needs for Student Records, Registration, and Accounts Receivable,” said Shannon.



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