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Student Admissions and Recruiting Holds BPM Sessions (May 13, 2010)

The OneCarolina Student Admissions and Recruiting team held Business Process Modeling (BPM) sessions at the Columbia campus. The meetings were part of OneCarolina's continuing administrative process design that will be used with SunGard Higher Education's Banner software.  Representatives of SunGard HE assisted in the sessions.

The Offices of Student Admissions and Recruiting provide student application processing, admissions and enrollment services, as well as prospective student recruitment.  "The Admissions Office is often regarded as the Front Door to our campuses," said Mary Wagner, Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the Columbia campus. "We are among the first contacts a prospective student has with the University, and we want to make the process of applying, getting admitted, and enrolling with the University as seamless as possible."

Currently, individual Admissions offices have many customized processes that are unique to their circumstances and campus. The BPM sessions provided a forum for key administrators from around the University system to identify commonalities and differences in these processes, and then evaluate how to transfer them to a unified Banner administrative system.

"We learned a lot about each campus, as well as current University graduate and professional programs," said Wagner. "The discussions helped us to see where the challenges are for streamlining the processes, and where there have been successes that need to be included. They also helped us focus on student success that will translate into a better, more user-friendly system."

SunGard HE representatives will take information gathered from the BPM sessions and build a comprehensive process model. "Our next step will be to create a delivery report," said Robert Carver, senior consultant for SunGard HE. "It will contain a proposed model that the Student Admissions and Recruitment team can examine. Once they approve it, we can begin building a software prototype in the Banner system."

OneCarolina teams will begin reviewing the Banner prototype this summer.



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