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Course Description

SOWK 737 - Overview of Social Work Practice with the Military, Veterans, and their Families

Class Session: Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Friday, December 08, 2017

Credit: 3 semester hours of graduate credit

Instructor: Francine Muscarella

Course Description

Foundation knowledge for practice with military and their families including information about military culture, values. An overview of military knowledge and history essential for working with this population, information about problems unique to the military, and the identification of treatment and community resources.

General Information

Course will be delivered by Web conferencing utilizing Adobe Connect. Students must be present online for the class sessions on Monday from 5:50-8:35 PM. The Adobe Connect URL will be posted in Blackboard by the instructor prior to the first session. High-speed Internet access is required for Adobe Connect. This course is considered SYNCHRONOUS which means that students are expected to log on to the course during the designated time. The lectures will be recorded and may be viewed at a later time.

Course Delivery Type

A Web course is taught using one or more web delivery platforms such as Blackboard, Streaming Video, Adobe Connect etc. Students must have access to a high-speed Internet connection. More information will be provided by the instructor in the course syllabus.

(One or more synchronous components will REQUIRE meeting face-to-face or Online).

Course Materials

See course syllabus for materials information.

Syllabus Information

Enrolled students will be able to view in Blackboard.

Assignment Information

Enrolled students will be able to view in Blackboard.

Information is accurate as of August 20, 2018, 12:40 am (Subject to change)

Special Fee Notification

Students may be required to be proctored during online test completion. If students are unable to attend test proctoring sessions in person at the Distributed Learning office, additional fees may apply for online test proctoring if the course requires online testing.

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