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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Information About Self-reported Scoring

Beginning with the Fall 2019 freshman application cycle, the University of South Carolina Undergraduate Admissions will accept self-reported SAT/ACT scores.

Q:  When will USC Undergraduate Admissions begin accepting self-reported scores for admission?

 A: Beginning with the summer/fall 2019 freshmen application cycle, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will use self-reported standardized test scores to make initial admission and scholarship decisions. This includes admission to high-ability programs such as the South Carolina Honors College, Top Scholars and Capstone Scholars.                       

Q:  Do freshman applicants for the Spring 2019 need to submit official scores for admissions evaluation?

A: Yes. The self-reported score policy pertains to domestic students applying as freshmen for the summer/fall 2019 term and beyond. Our score report codes are: ACT – 3880, SAT – 5818.

Q: If a student is admitted and/or offered a scholarship on self-reported scores, how does USC verify the scores?

A: All admitted students who intend to enroll at USC are required to submit official test scores for score verification. Students admitted based on self-reported scores must instruct the testing agency to send scores no later than June 1 (immediately following senior year).

Q: Can my decision and/or scholarship be rescinded if I do not submit official scores that match my self-reported scores?

A: USC must have the official scores on which you were admitted to finalize your admission and enrollment. Otherwise, your admission and scholarship (if eligible) will be in jeopardy.

Q: How does USC use scores in the evaluation? Does USC "superscore?"

A: We do not superscore the ACT. We consider the highest composite score from a single ACT test date. However, we do superscore the SAT and use the highest Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing and highest Math score from the same or separate SAT dates, whichever is higher.

Q: Can you superscore between official SAT and self-reported SAT scores?

A: We will not super score between official SAT and self-reported SAT. We will only super score within official or self-reported.

Q: Should I only report my "best" ACT and SAT scores? Why must I report all test attempts?

A: Undergraduate Admissions will use the test scores that give you the greatest advantage in the admissions process, which is why it is necessary to report all test attempts on your record. Failure to report all scores may impact admissions or scholarship decisions.

Q: I want to apply before I'm scheduled to take the SAT or ACT again. Should I wait to apply until after receiving my score results? Can I update my test scores after I submit my application for admission?

A: Applying early works to your advantage since your date of application to USC can affect your housing priority. You will be able to update your self-reported score record after you apply. You may do this via your admission application portal.

Q: I want to apply Early Answer. The deadline is October 15, but I won't take the SAT or ACT until after this date. Will my October scores be considered for EA?

A: You will have until November 15 to update your self-reported test record via your admission application portal. You may enter your October scores there, after which we will evaluate them for our December notification round.

Q: If I apply early, can I update scores after November 15?

A: Yes. Students are welcome to update their scores through February 1. We strongly encourage doing so as all scores are considered in our final notification and scholarship evaluation round.

Q: What is the last date a student can take the SAT/ACT and have it count for evaluation?

A: The December SAT and ACT are the last test dates a student can receive results in time to meet our February 1 credentials deadline. You can access your self-reported scores link on your application checklist. You may update your record through February. Credentials submitted by this date will be used to render final decisions related to admission, scholarships, Capstone and Honors.

Q: I know USC is one of my top choices. May I submit my official scores now?

A: Yes. We are currently accepting official scores and can match these to your application once you apply. You do not need to have an application on file to submit official scores. Remember you are allowed to send a limited number of free score reports if you list USC's code prior to sitting for the test (ACT – 3880, SAT – 5818).

Q: Is there a penalty for submitting scores ahead of the deadline?

A: No. If you choose to send your official scores now, we will still use the ones that give you the greatest advantage in our process.

Q: I am an international student applying to USC. May I use self-reported scores for admission?

A: USC's self-reported score policy applies to domestic freshmen applicants only. Due to the highly variable nature of international educational curricula, official scores and transcripts are still required for international applicant evaluations.