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4 Fun Things to do During the Summer in Columbia

You probably already know that there are endless activities for Gamecocks during the school year, but what about during the Summer? While some students go back home for their summer break, many stick around and explore Columbia. Luckily, our city has no shortage of fun things to do! Here’s a list of my favorites:

The Riverwalk(s)

There are four main river accesses near campus:

  1. Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park – located right beside the Sola Station apartment complex
  2. West Columbia Riverwalk and Amphitheater – just across the Gervais Street bridge (Cayce Side)
  3. Granby Park – just off Huger Street
  4. Riverfront Park – first right on the Columbia side of the Gervais Street Bridge

Each park is different and has its own special atmosphere! Whether you’re going to swim, tube down the river, or just walk the trails, I recommend giving each one a try.


Like most college students, I am slightly obsessed with coffee. Throughout my time at Carolina, I have tried just about every local coffee shop. Each one has their own vibe, make great coffee and are fantastic places to study or meet up with friends! Here’s a list of my top four favorite shops and my go-to order in case you need a little latte inspiration!

  1. Cool Beans Coffee Co. – The Perfect Woman: a sweet latte (you choose the flavor) with whipped cream and topped with a chocolate disk.
  2. Drip – Rose Cardamom Latte: this floral drink is one that I always get with oat milk! If you want something interesting that isn’t overly sweet, this is the latte for you!
  3. Blüm – Iced Double Shot Espresso: who needs an energy drink when Blüm makes the perfect espresso? A warning from experience, though, don’t drink this after 3pm. You will not sleep.
  4. Indah – Pour Over: this is your basic cup of black coffee, but extra tasty. Pour over coffee is superior and you will never change my mind.

Soda City

Thankfully, Soda City is a year-round event, making summer the perfect time to go. The weather is almost always nice for a Soda City stroll! Who doesn’t love a Saturday morning with good food, good weather and good people? I know I do!

Devine Street

Shopping isn’t for everyone, but retail therapy might be. Devine Street, which is roughly 10 minutes from the heart of campus, is a great spot for local shopping. Popular retail stores and lots of different restaurant options are all located here. If you’re looking for a fun day out with friends, or just a quick shopping trip for an event, this is your go-to spot!

Summer in Columbia is never boring. While this list shares just a few favorites of mine, it should be enough to get you started! Plus, there’s always something new going on around town, you’ve just got to keep your eye out for it. Happy Summer, Gamecocks!

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