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6 Tips To Finding A Major You'll Love

It’s never too early to start thinking about what college major is best for you. Deciding on a major is said to set up students for the future. Take some time to think over these tips when deciding on what you want to study! 

Make a list of strengths, weaknesses, passions and values.

Knowing yourself is one of the most important steps in choosing a major. Are you a social person that wants to work with other people? Are you more reserved and enjoy working independently? Are you passionate about helping others? Do you value honesty, quality and making a difference? Knowing these things about yourself will help narrow down your list.

Reflect on what subjects interest you.

It’s much easier to go to class, listen, study and retain information if it’s something you love learning about. If you enjoy solving math equations, then consider looking into majors that have a heavy math load! The goal is to enjoy what you intend to study!

If you have a dream job, keep it in mind.

Go all in! There is nothing holding you back from your dreams! Find the major that will get you the job you always imagined. It may seem like a dream job, but by choosing the right major, you can make it a reality!

Research what jobs certain majors lead to!

It’s always important to know the job opportunities made available by your degree! Many degrees lead to a variety of job opportunities, some in which you may not know about! Ask yourself: where do I see myself after college and will this major get me there?

Check degree requirements and course maps.

The University of South Carolina has major maps that list of all the courses you will need to complete in a particular field of study. There are also degree requirements that will detail if there is an internship required, or certain studies or research credits. It also will show you how many hours you should complete each semester.

If you’re unsure, go in undecided and take introductory classes.

Carolina offers an “undecided” major for those who are still discovering their interests! You can take introductory classes your first year and then decide what interests you the most. There is no harm in exploring your options! After taking these introductory courses, there will also be teachers, staff and resources to assist you in choosing the right major.

Always remember, many students change their major and there is nothing wrong with that! It may take a few tries and more self-discovery until you find the right fit. Happy exploring! 

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