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An Insider's Guide to the South Carolina Honors College

At the South Carolina Honors College, you can choose from hundreds of engaging courses designed specifically for you, live with high-achieving classmates, and experience learning that takes you far beyond the classroom. 

Hey there! Since you clicked on this post, I’m assuming you’re here to learn a little more about the South Carolina Honors College, so get ready to get the inside scoop on the South Carolina Honors College from a student – me!

 I’m currently a junior Public Relations major in the SCHC, and I couldn’t love it more. When I got accepted to the University of South Carolina I had no idea just how much of an impact the Honors College would have on me, both academically and personally!  


First and foremost, let’s start with the classes. Along with priority registration (hello avoiding 8:05 lectures), the SCHC offers a whopping 600 unique classes. I’ve never had an honors course with more than 20 people and the curriculum is so varied. I’ve taken classes in broadcast meteorology, nature writing and even the ABC’s of writing, publishing and editing. Where else can you get this variety?


As an added bonus, your professors are often as zany as your classes. One professor invited us over to her house for dinner where another student proceeded to drive her husband’s tractor around the backyard. Another professor found a creative way to keep students engaged during quarantine…with a marionette puppet. Confused? Check out this SGTV video about him! 

First-Year Housing

Now let’s get to the housing options. Your first experience in honors housing will likely be in the Honors Residence Hall. This is an amazing suite-style dorm packed with the Honeycomb dining hall; the Buzz, which is basically a great mini Starbucks; and even classrooms on the first floor. Just imagine, you can roll out of bed on a Monday morning and be in class in minutes.

When I lived in the hall my freshman year, I had a single room and shared a bathroom with my two suitemates. What was it like not having a roommate? I was nervous at first, but as an introvert, this was something I appreciated later in the year. And don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to make friends in the dorm, even the dorms without roommates! Also, because the dorm has so many study rooms, my friends and I essentially “claimed” the room across from mine. In there, we set up a Wii, had pillows and even decorated the room for the holidays.

Upperclassmen Housing

After your freshman year, if you choose to continue living on campus, you have two additional honors housing options you can choose to live in. The first is 650 Lincoln, an apartment complex with great amenities that is close to the Darla Moore School of Business and the wellness and fitness Center. The next honors housing option are the apartments on the historic Horseshoe. Located at the very heart of campus, students are never too far from their classes, incredible resources and plenty of local coffee shops, such as Cool Beans.


Next in our Honors College exploration are the exclusive Honors College events. One of the very first events you can attend is Floatilla. Within a few days of moving in, you and the other freshmen can kayak down the Congaree River. One of my suitemates and I shared a kayak, and it was really the first time we were able to hang out one-on-one. I was also able to meet other freshmen (one of which will be one of my roommates this fall!)

Another honors event to look forward to is the Honors Gala. This annual event is held at the South Carolina State Museum and is a great night of dressing up and dancing with your friends. I like to think of it as an honors “prom.” Along with these major events, several catered dinners and service events are held year-round. And did I mention bedtime stories read by our Dean Steven Lynn? Bonus: warm cookies are included.

Honors Thesis Project

One other part of the Honors College that I will mention is something I haven’t taken part of yet. Each student is required to complete an Honors Thesis project. Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably weren’t too excited to hear about that, but don’t fret! This project can be as creative and tailored to your interests as you please! One recently graduated Gamecock (and an epic Honors RM) wrote “Star Wars: The Musical” which was performed by the musical theatre organization he was involved with, Off-Off Broadway. Clearly, the force is with you in the Honors College.

There is so much more about the Honors College that I could rave about, but I’ll leave you to experience it for yourself! 

Go Gamecocks!

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