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Our Staff



Name Title Phone Email
Clarissa Clark, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB Director of Purchasing 803-777-7162 Click to e-mail Clarissa


Name Title Phone Email
Andriea Johnson Administrative Specialist 803-777-4115 Click to e-mail Andriea
Kim Rose  Procurement Manager 803-777-2976 Click to e-mail Kim 
Edna Sims Administrative Assistant  803-777-4768 Click to e-mail Edna  


Procurement - Goods & Services

Name Title Phone Email
Kristen Moss, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB Procurement Manager 803-777-5253 Click to e-mail Kristen
Charlene Maffett
Procurement Manager
803-777-6718 Click to e-mail Charlene
Amy Sabol Procurement Manager 803-777-5896 Click to e-mail Amy
Lana Widener  Procurement Manager 803-777-7776 Click to e-mail Lana  
Faith Williams Procurement Manager 803-777-1015 Click to e-mail Faith
Brandon Grooms
Procurement Specialist
803-777-2020 Click to e-mail Brandon
Warren Zeigler Procurement Specialist 803-777-4117 Click to e-mail Warren

Procurement - Facilities

Name Title Phone Email
Kathleen Alley Procurement Specialist  803-777-5356 Click to e-mail Kathleen
Candis Golston Procurement Manager 803-777-2026 Click to e-mail Candis
Hatice Hikmet Procurement Specialist  803-777-9994 Click to e-mail Hatice
Amenia Pempleton
Procurement Specialist
803-777-6672 Click to e-mail Amenia
Aimee Rish Procurement Manager 803-777-2261 Click to e-mail Aimee


Consolidated Services & Facilities Stores Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Gabriel Bautista Supply Specialist 803-777-9001 Click to e-mail Gabriel 
Teddy Javis Manager 803-777-9001 Click to e-mail Teddy
Larry Ward Supply Specialist 803-777-2156 Click to e-mail Larry 


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