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Offeror's Checklist

Review this checklist prior to submitting your bid/proposal. If you fail to follow this checklist, you risk having your bid/proposal rejected. This checklist is included only as a reminder to help offerors avoid common mistakes. Responsiveness will be evaluated against the solicitation, not against this checklist. You do not need to return this checklist with your response.

Avoid Common Bid/Proposal Mistakes 

  • Do not include any of your standard contract forms.
  • Unless expressly required, do not include any additional boilerplate contract clauses.
  • Reread your entire bid/proposal to make sure your bid/proposal does not take exception to any of the state's mandatory requirements.
  • Make sure you have properly marked all protected, confidential, or trade secret information in accordance with the instructions entitled: SUBMITTING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.  Do not mark your entire bid/proposal as confidential, trade secret, or protected. Do not include a legend on the cover stating that your entire response is not to be released.
  • Have you properly acknowledged all amendments?  Instructions regarding how to acknowledge an amendment should appear in all amendments issued.
  • Make sure your bid/proposal includes a copy of the solicitation cover page.  Make sure the cover page is signed by a person that is authorized to contractually bind your business.
  • Make sure your bid/proposal includes the number of copies requested.
  • Check to ensure your bid/proposal includes everything requested.
  • If you have concerns about the solicitation, do not raise those concerns in your response.  After opening, it is too late. If this solicitation includes a pre-bid/proposal conference or a question & answer period, raise your questions as a part of that process. Please see instructions under the heading "submission of questions" and any provisions regarding pre-bid/proposal conferences.


Download a PDF copy of this checklist. 

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