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Global Carolina

Fulbright Program at USC

Led by the United States government in partnership with more than 160 countries worldwide, the Fulbright Program offers international educational and cultural exchange programs for passionate and accomplished students, scholars, artists, teachers, and professionals of all backgrounds to study, teach, or pursue important research and professional projects. Approximately 8,000 competitive, merit-based grants are awarded annually in most academic disciplines and fields of study to students, faculty, professionals and groups. Grants are available for US citizens to go abroad and for non-US citizens to come to the United States. Through unique international educational and cultural exchange programs, Fulbright’s diverse and dynamic network of scholars, alumni and global partners fosters mutual understanding between the United States and partner nations, shares knowledge across communities, and improves lives around the world. 

Student Profiles



Fulbright Scholars and Students

Samantha Johnson
Global Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies

Grace Alger
Comparative Literature

Ashleigh Rufty
English and Psychology

Aidan Thomason
International Studies and History, Spanish

Genefrede (Gina) Hollenbach
International Business and Finance, Environmental Studies

Felicia McGill
Mathematics and Spanish

Ashley Brunson
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Payton Ramsey
Biological Sciences

Jacobs (Sloan) Shelbourn

Catharine Aretakis  
History, English

Samuel Breazeale  
Public Health

Austin Coale  
Experimental Psychology

Alexandra Fleury
English, Finance

Maddox Greene  

Daniel Harrington  
Geological Sciences

Emily Herd  
Political Science

Christina Nielsen  
Public Health

Kati Russ  

Alexandria Thompson  
Music Education

Alexis Bantle
Biological Sciences

Danielle Wood
Music Performance, Mathematics

David Beek
MA Comparative Literature

Emily Fisher
English, Experimental Psychology

Hanna Lamm
Supply Chain and Operations Management

Tamera Sullivan

James Anderson
Canada, International Relations

Kara Jones (SCHC)
Andorra, International Business & Economics

Rebecca Schick
Mexico, Finance

Himabindu Vinnakota (SCHC)
Malaysia, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

William Welsh (SCHC)
Finland, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Victoria Belcher (SCHC)
Brazil, Business Economics

Caroline Blount (SCHC)
Germany, German

Selena Dyer
Germany, German

Ian Giocondo
Germany, Music Education

James Jacocks
South Korea, Rhetoric & Composition

Chelsea Morris (SCHC)
Germany, German & Linguistics

Mark Rodehorst
Macau, Creative Writing

Julia Whitehead (SCHC)
Mexico, Internatoinal Business

Eric Bringley (SCHC)
Germany, Chemical Engineering (Declined)

Gerad Gentry
Germany, Philosophy

Kelly Goldberg
Guinea, Anthropology & Archaeology

Anna Porter (SCHC)
Spain, Psychology & Spanish (Declined)

Jared Thompson
South Korea, Political Science & English

Matt Wagner
Malaysia, Political Science

Kara Brown
Germany, Anthropology & German

Rachel Harrison
Russia, Comparative Literature, Spanish & Russian

Tyler Johnson
Taiwan, Religious Studies

Andrew Kovtun (SCHC)
Belarus, International Business, Marketing & Economics

Callison Coggins
Germany, Teaching

Sarah McClanahan
Indonesia, Higher Education and Student Affairs

Haley Horstemeyer
South Korea, English

Rachel Parker (SCHC)
South Korea, Biological Sciences

Mary Allison Joseph (SCHC)
China, Spanish

Hope Jackson
Malaysia, International Business

Kali Esancy (SCHC)
France, Biology

Amanda Williams (SCHC)
Taiwan, Biomedical Engineering

Sarah Wojcik (Capstone)
Germany, Early Childhood Education

Lauren Anderson
Taiwan, International Business 

Jackie Cantwell (SCHC)
France, Chemistry 

Matt Casedonte (SCHC)
Russia, International Business 

Warren Durrett (SCHC)
China, International Studies 

Christina Galardi (SCHC)
Korea, Public Relations 

Selma Kacapor (Capstone)
Germany, International Business 

Darby Kirven (SCHC)
Uganda, Biology 

Sarah Nell Lader (SCHC)
Germany, Psychology 

Payal Patel (SCHC)
Korea, Public Health 

Laura Smentek (SCHC)
Taiwan, International Business 

Micah Sorum
Brazil, Cultural Anthropology 

Ashley Tessarolo
Brazil, Linguistics 

Candace Wiley
Colombia, Creative Writing

Tasneem Anjarwalla (SCHC)
Turkey, Print Journalism

Karla Buru
Romania, Public Health & Social Work

Julia Grasso
Germany, Anthropology

Juliana Jordan
Russia, Russian

Matthew Risher
Germany, Biology

Jeremy Gahm (SCHC)
Spain, Finance

Nessa Kerr (SCHC)
Germany, Art History

Hannah Nicol
Macau, Higher Education

Laura Sima (SCHC)
Chemistry (Through Yale)

Jessica Steele (SCHC)
Argentina, Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae (Declined)

Chase Stoudenmire
Soviet Republic of Georgia, History

Callie Van Koughnett (SCHC)
Denmark, Marine Science

Michelle Williams
Ghana, Health Promotion

Matthew Caine
Bulgaria, Choral Conducting

Emilie Duck (SCHC)
Germany, English

Ben Forney (SCHC)
South Korea, English

Patrick Hankins (SCHC)
Germany, Chemistry

Ned Moore
Germany, German

Veronica Sue (SCHC)
South Korea, Biology

Nikki Mattson
France, Linguistics (French Government ETA)

Sarah Schwartz
Swaziland, Geography

Lauren Szathmary (SCHC)
New Zealand, Biological Sciences

Crystal Byrd (SCHC)
Russia, Mechanical Engineering/Russian (declined)

Sierra Carter (SCHC)
Indonesia, English

Kimberly Cavanagh
Jordan, Anthropology

Denise Dunovant
Uganda, Geography

Matt Enright (SCHC)
Germany, Physics/Mathematics

Stephanie Glotfelty
Poland, Linguistics

Martin Caver (SCHC)
Canada, International Studies and French

Mary Kathryn Keane (SCHC)
Spain, Physics and Spanish

Kristen Hudgins
Dominican Republic, Anthropology and Women's Studies

Andrew Bentz (SCHC)
Indonesia, Int'l Studies/French/Music/Religion (declined)

Caitlin Coker
Japan, English

Mandy Corbett
China, International Business and Finance

Patrick McQuinn (SCHC)
Germany, Civil Engineering and German

Alexis Stratton (SCHC)
South Korea, English and Film Studies

Cameron Britt
Sweden, Music Composition

Amy Buchanan-Feinberg (SCHC)
France, Teaching Assistant, French

Katie Harbert (SCHC)
France, Teaching Assistant, French

Kevin Simmonds
Singapore, Music Education

Melissa Snyder
France, Teaching Assistant, French

Christina Klein (SCHC)
German, Finance

Stephen Lentz
France, Teaching Assistant

Sarah Schoener (SCHC)
Korea, Teaching Assistant

Timothy Powell
Bulgaria, Musicology

Jenne Pross (SCHC)
Estonia, Music (declined)

Robert Torre
Germany, Music

Susan Langley
Zimbabwe, Anthropology

Brian Newsome
France, European History

Shiva Vafai (SCHC)
Indonesia, MIBS/Law

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